Jul 15, 2024


I am thrilled to unveil our latest publication, “Outdoor Trends 2025,” your definitive guide to the future of outdoor design.

Dive into this comprehensive eBook to discover the top trends that will shape outdoor spaces in the coming years.


Outdoor Trends 2025 in a Nutshell:

  • 03 Trend Themes: Detailed exploration of trend themes with insights into colors, materials, finishes, and moods.
  • 09 Keywords: Over 50 features uncovering relevant furniture, design, architecture, and materials trends.
  • 20+ Case Studies: Illustrations and insights showcasing trend themes and their applications.
  • 15 Color Trends: Reference codes for seamless integration into your projects.
  • 18 Key Designs: Curated selection of the latest innovations in outdoor furniture and decor.
  • 04 Trend Trackings: Insights into upcoming themes and drivers shaping the future of outdoor design.

Discover more here



Discover the latest trends shaping outdoor design with insights into colors, materials, finishes, and moods. Gain expert guidance and case studies to keep your outdoor spaces fresh and appealing. Explore innovative furniture and decor ideas designed specifically for the indoor and outdoor, and stay ahead by tracking upcoming trends and strategic drivers. Explore TRENDBARK trendbooks.


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