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DESIGN FINDS | 5 cool packaging design ideas

packaging design ideas, italianbark interior design blog

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Really?

Don’t think so. Actually, when talking about objects, I more and more find myself choosing to buy something because of its packaging.

Packaging design is really powerful because it tells why your product and brand are different from all the other. A cool package really can make the difference in the success of a new product and that’s why companies are investing more and more on this design branch.

Packaging design is a mix of creativity and marketing.

Today I had fun in selecting 5 cool packaging design projects by talented young designers.

Which is your favourite?

packaging design ideas, italianbark interior design blog

packaging design ideas | 5 inspirations

#1 | Swaggering Sheep Cotton swab package by Paian Huang

Potiss Paper Tissue Box Paper Tissue Box by Tasarist / Musa Çelik

Tic Tac Toe packaging by Northhook Design Studio


The Fruits Toilet Paper Packaging by Kazuaki Kawahara

Twin Lotus Herbaliste Eco-friendly Pack Dental Floss Packaging by Prompong Hakk

All projects have been selected by the past winners of A’Design Award competition.

A’Design Award the international prize for indipendent designers:

100 categories which include the most different fields of design. yes, there is also the packaging design category.

Remember to register here : time to upload your design till February 28!

||| find more on A’Design Award on the blog here