Mar 12, 2024

COLOR TRENDS | 4 new colors for this Spring/Summer

Be inspired by the latest Pantone Spring Summer 2024 color trends for interiors to decorate your home


Sharing some color inspirations for the spring/summer time, handpicked from the Pantone London+New York fashion weeks palettes.

In fact, interior design is undeniably influenced by fashion color trends, and this interplay reflects the evolving tastes and sensibilities of society. The connection between interior design and fashion color trends stems from the shared desire for self-expression, aesthetic appeal, and the need to reflect contemporary styles.

  • Cultural Zeitgeist: Both fashion and interior design are deeply ingrained in the cultural zeitgeist. They are expressions of societal values, aspirations, and trends. As fashion designers unveil their latest collections on runways around the world, they not only showcase clothing but also set the tone for color palettes, patterns, and textures. These trends quickly permeate into other creative domains, including interior design.
  • Cross-Pollination of Ideas: The worlds of fashion and interior design often intersect, with designers drawing inspiration from each other’s work. Fashion designers frequently collaborate with interior designers, and vice versa, leading to a fluid exchange of ideas and influences.
  • Seasonal Dynamics: Fashion color trends are often influenced by the changing seasons and cultural events. Interior designers, cognizant of these seasonal dynamics, may adjust their color schemes accordingly to reflect the mood and atmosphere of each season.

As fashion continues to evolve and push boundaries, so too will the world of interior design, resulting in spaces that are both stylish and reflective of the prevailing cultural ethos.

Let’s see the color trends that will define this spring/summer 2024.

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Spring Summer 2024 Colors

Pantone Trends for interiors and decor | recap



Spring Summer 2024 Colors

Pantone Trends for interiors and decor | ITALIANBARK selection


Get inspired by a selection of fresh color trends handpicked from the wide range of Pantone colors for spring/summer 24, and their applications in interiors and decor.

What’s your favorite?



Pantone Charlock



Pantone Horizon Blue

spring summer 2024 color trends


Pantone Moth



Pantone Lemon Drop

spring summer 2024 color trends


Pantone Desert Flower


Pantone Mint

spring summer 2024 color trends



Pantone Rooibos Tea


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