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10 Designs in Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultraviolet

Color is such an important part of our world today, especially in all fields related to design. Thankfully, Pantone helps the design industry stay on trend by announcing its annual color of the year.

For those of you who aren’t exactly sure, Pantone is an American company mostly known for its Color Matching System or PMS guides. These guides allow for color standardization, so designers worldwide can better understand the exact color tones they’re working with.

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In the year 2000, Pantone launched its Color of the Year, a color carefully chosen by a group of representatives from around the world. Pantone’s announcement for color of the year sets the stage for the design color trend in the months that follow.  

2018’s Pantone color is Ultraviolet.

Get ready to see this color everywhere. As described by Pantone, Ultraviolet is a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade which suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigues of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now.”

Following, is a list of some of my favorite interior design products in Pantone 2018 Ultraviolet. Some are old and some are new, however they all have this powerful color shade in common. I can’t wait to see what new products will be created throughout the year. But for now, this list of Pantone 2018 designs gives us a sneak peak of what’s to come.

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10 Designs in Pantone 2018 Ultraviolet


1 | Barovier & Toso, New Eden

The 2017 chandelier is a redesign of Daniela Puppa and Francesca Martelli’s previous 2011 creation, Eden. The designers retained the inspirational concepts of the original design, yet changed it with a more radical approach. Dozens of floating hand crafted glass flowers generate reflections on the white meta sphere. All of the flowers are made of transparent glass, except for one which is the emphasis of the chandelier and can be positioned anywhere.


pantone 2018 design, ultraviolet decor, violet chandelier, barovier toso

Barovier & Toso, New Eden – Pantone 2018 design


2| Kartell, Calice

As part of the “Kartell goes Sottsass – A Tribute to Memphis” collection, in homage to the Ettore Sottsass’ movement, Kartell created the Calice. Launched in 2015, it is made from mass colored thermoplastic technopolymer and comes in different opaque shades, one of which is a purple, violet shade.

Kartell, Calice, pantone 2018 design, violet homeware

Kartell, Calice – Pantone 2018 design

3 | Ceramiche Supergres, Four Seasons Tulip

Ceramiche Supergres is a brand known for its beautiful and one of a kind ceramics. Although the Four Seasons collection is a few years old, it is considered by the brand as one of its timeless products. The Four Seasons collection is composed of iridescent enamels and glassy elements which create play with light to develop beautiful reflections and beautify any surface they are used on. The collection comes in a variety of shades and colors, and the Tulip color perfectly fits into Pantone’s color of the year. It is proposed with two different surface finishes, glossy and satin, and is assembled on 30×30 cm sheets.


Ceramiche Supergres, Four Seasons Tulip, lilac tiles, pantone 2018 home decor,

Ceramiche Supergres, Four Seasons Tulip – Pantone 2018 design

4 | Driade, MT1 Armchair

Ron Arad’s collection for Driade is called MT, an acronym for the word “empty”. The product design and name were created to represent a vacuum, or an emptiness. The armchair is made using a special technique. Using a special rotational molding, the design highlights the void space inside of the chair.  The process involves first placing a solid color polyethylene in a mold to make the outer shell. Then, a second color is inserted and united with the first without merging the two together. Once extracted from the mold a laser will cut off ends of the product, revealing the two-tone side of the chair.


Driade, MT1 Armchair, pantone 2018 design, violet chair, armchair design

Driade, MT1 Armchair _ Pantone 2018 design

5 | Harlow Pendant by Gabriel Scott

Inspired by jewelry design, the Harlow Pendant by Gabriel Scott is a beautiful art piece made from mold-blown glass forms which are help in place by metallic prongs that join together through a center element. The asymmetric gathering of each piece creates a bouquet of soft and artistic light.

Harlow Pendant by Gabriel Scott, pantone 2018 design, violet lamp

Harlow Pendant by Gabriel Scott – Pantone 2018 design

6 | Innolux, Kuplat

The Innolux Kuplat is a one of a kind design piece by Yki Nummi. The name Kuplat means bubbles in Finnish. The lamp consists of two acrylic shades, a white inner shade which serves as a surface for reflecting light, and an outer transparent shade which is available in several colors. The lamp is available in smoke grey, transparent, purple, sand, red and orange. Along with the original Kuplat lamp, the timeless Kuplat 480 is also available, with a diameter of 480 mm. The two different sizes of the lamp and their beautiful colors provide new options for embellish interior spaces.


Innolux, Kuplat, purple lamp

Innolux, Kuplat – Pantone 2018 design

7 | Treca Paris, Saint Germain Headboard

Mathilde Brétillot designed a special headboard for Treca Interior in Paris called the Saint Germain. Available in two heights, 120cm and 140cm, it was designed to mix different materials between the back structure and the front cushion. The collection’s primary promotional color version is an ultraviolet, with a lighter purple shade for the back structure.


Treca, Paris Saint Germain Headboard, pantone 2018 home decor, violet bed

Treca, Paris Saint Germain Headboard – Pantone 2018 home decor


8 | Quinze & Milan, Primary Pouf

The Quinze & Milan Primary Pouf is known as the brand’s classic model. This all in one stool, chair, and table was created in 2001 and was honored with a triple Henri van de Velde Award. A furniture piece that is functional in several different spaces and both for children and adults, it remains timeless and relevant as the year it was created. This pouf could be found in public spaces around the world. To no surprise, its most popular version is the ultraviolet shade of the year.


Quinze & Milan, Primary Pouf, pantone 2018 furniture, ultraviolet design

Quinze & Milan, Primary Pouf – Pantone 2018 furniture

9 | Milano Bedding, Charles sofa bed

Roberto de Lorenzo designed the new Charles sofa bed, a product inspired by the shape of the egg. For De Lorenzo, the egg represents perfection and lightness. With this in mind, he created a model that embodies elegance and delicacy, where curved and linear lines makeup the unique shape of the sofa bed. Charles converts into a bed with wooden slats and a 200 cm mattress by simply rotating the back. Charles is available in different colors including Ultraviolet.


Milano Bedding, Charles sofa bed, ultraviolet sofa, pantone 2018 furniture

Milano Bedding, Charles sofa bed – Pantone 2018 sofa

10 | Segis, Longway

The Segis Longway is a collaboration with Bartoli Design. Ten years ago, Segis and Bartoli collaborated in making the Highway seating system, and to celebrate this ten year milestone, the two talented designers renewed the product, changing it into the new Longway. Today, the Longway comes with a new two-sided corrugated module. Longway is a collection of thin and spacious upholstered furniture, characterized by a ribbon shape which forms seats and armrests, with a strong visual impact. The design allows for varied and unique compositions.


Segis, Longway, pantone 2018 furniture, ultraviolet interiors

Segis, Longway – Pantone 2018 furniture