Jul 10, 2024

DESIGN TRENDS | Be inspired by the Supernatural Trend Theme

Unvealing the Trend Themes for 2024/5 : be inspired by Supernatural


In this article, I am sharing another one of the key 04 Trend Themes 2024/5 for interiors and design. You can find a full recap in my Webinar | Interior Trends 2024 and whole guide of this years trend in the 2024 Trend Guide.

These Trend Themes are part of a wider research carried out at TRENDBARK the beginning of last year.  Our research provides brands with clear insights into upcoming trends. Specifically, we identify key styles, colors, materials, and shapes that will be popular in the next few years using concept boards. This foresight enables our clients to design more profitable products and collections with a two-year lead time.

Be inspired today by a new trend theme today – enjoy a glimpse of the “Supernatural” trend.

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Trend Theme 04 Supernatural

pastel color trend 2025 interior design


A new kind of escapism – with unexpected, surrealist, and dreamy elements – is emerging, blending the digital world’s inspiration with a touch of magic and wonder. This aesthetic transformation is driven by the rapid evolution of A.I., offering a fresh perspective that captivates the imagination.

Let’s explore the Supernatural design trend in more detail.




The Supernatural trend is the evolution of the trend presented for 2023 called Digital Escapism.

The “Digital Escapism” trend revolves around immersing oneself in digital experiences as a means of retreating from the real world and explores how digital design can impact physical design.

This trend we developed in 2022 was closely tied to the evolution of the metaverse – a then-novel digital landscape where individuals could create, interact, and engage in real-time experiences. It provided an escape from the limitations of the physical world, enabling users to spend time in a virtual space that reflected or extended real life. Over the next two years, the rapid advancement of A.I. has transformed this theme into a new aesthetic.

While still drawing inspiration from the digital world, it now embraces elements of surrealism and wonder, giving rise to the Supernatural design trend.



Supernatural design trend / keywords

  • Wonder
  • Surrealism
  • Ethereal
  • Mystical
  • Airy


Supernatural / pastel color trend 2025 interior design

The Supernatural color palette defining is both mystical and enchanting, featuring soft pastel tones and iridescent shades. From the delicate and mesmerizing hues of lavender and mint to the shimmering, otherworldly colors that evoke a sense of mystery and wonder, this palette creates an atmosphere that is both magical and surreal.
The iridescent shades add a touch of luminosity and ethereal beauty, while the pastel tones provide a gentle and sophisticated charm.



Supernatural design trend / materials

  • thermochromic 
  • iridescent 
  • glossy and shiny
  • 3d printing
  • bio resins

Supernatural design trend / shapes

  • sculptural and childish 
  • gradients 
  • from the ceiling
  • digital-inspired


What do you think of the Supernatural design trend?

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