May 12, 2020

SHOP IT | Promoting the New Well-Being with light green furniture and decor

What makes light green one of key interior colour trends of the moment?

With the increased time spent inside, most of us are looking into ways for making our home environment feel more relaxing and uplifting. Facing a lockdown, our biophilic tendencies grow stronger as we explore novel ideas for bridging the indoor-outdoor barrier and seeking balance amidst the outbreak.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen green stepping into the spotlight (we reported on the evolution of green here and put together the Fir green and Neo Mint colour stories) but when it comes to light green it seems like the show is just getting started. 

A nod to Nature, light green or pistachio green is a relaxing, rejuvenating tone that brings about a feeling of calm and optimism. Green offers a much-needed chance for reconnecting with the natural world and helps to define the interior direction for those craving a more cocooning ambience within their walls. 

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A selection of amazing light green furniture furniture and decor to embrace the new wellbeing at home in post covid times


Light Green Furniture and Decor for well-being at home in post-Covid times

Soft, soothing and healing are the keywords to describe this emerging colour trend trickling its way to the mass market.  

First to catch the attention of the large scale audience was Pinterest‘s darling – sage.  Characterised by a soft and soothing tone, sage paved the way for light green to evolve into a go-to neutral in home design. 

A subtle, revitalising tone of pistachio green offers a modern fusion of nostalgia and escapism. Guided by the vintage-meets-future mantra, it falls in line with those who find joy in developing creative solutions and playing with contemporary views on the traditional style.

Pistachio green feels like a warm, reencouraging hug that promises a bright and refreshing outcome. Coupled with pink and beige, light green engages the senses and offers calm in the middle of the storm. 

The visual language of this concept drives roots from Cristina Celestino’s work and is further developed to suit personal preferences. Feminine and tender, the mood board features mid-century references with trending details such as floral wallpaper and pampas grass. The aim was to create a serene indoor experience that evokes memories of care-free spring and summer days. Light and textural it aims to become a restorative antidote to a troubled mind.


Would you mind moving into this space? Actually, I already packed my bags. 


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Light green furniture and decor

to promote the New Well Being at home in post-Covid times

/ Moodboard


A selection of amazing light green furniture furniture and decor to embrace the new wellbeing at home in post covid times

Mood board made with SampleBoard software


Light green furniture and decor

to promote the New Well Being at home in post-Covid times

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  1. Jadeite Velvet Gusseted Throw Pillow, World Market | approx 32 euros
  2. Nubby Design Striped Throw Blanket, Saro Lifestyle | approx 150 euros
  3. Hanging lamp, Mario Tedeschi | auction
  4. Curved pool, Studio Charlotte Taylor | approx 150 euros
  5. Dahlia Garden wallpaper, Jane Clayton & company | approx 50 euros/roll
  6. Handmade stoneware vase, Att Pynta | approx 12 euros
  7. Christopher Fog sofa, Arteriors | price from 4000 euros
  8. Moss Vase, Amalfi | approx 44 euros
  9. Foster coffee table, Mezzo Collection | price upon request
  10. Tasse Spring mug, Bloomingville | approx 11 euros
  11. Marble coffee table, Jonathan Zawada | price unknown
  12. Fiber Armchair with Tube Base, Muuto | approx 212 euros
  13. Birdham Area Rug, Boutique Rugs | approx 35 euros
  14. Noelle Drinks Trolley, Trit House | approx 175 euros
  15.  Fornace Brioni Rocaille Mint Shell tile, Cle | approx 7 euros/peace
  16. Candlestick stoneware green, Bloomingville | approx 17 euros
  17. Table lamp, Jos Devriendt | price upon request
  18. Delilah Round Pot, Rogue | approx 90 euros


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