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POST-COVID DESIGN TRENDS #3 Playful Thinking / Part 1

How are design and interiors going to change after the pandemic?

For sure, new needs and lifestyles are emerging from the days we are living now. We are in a moment of significant uncertainty, but there are already some new rising trends we can observe as a consequence of the pandemic.

We think it’s absolutely essential now, more than ever, to keep ourselves inspired and updated, not to get discouraged by the hard times we are all living. This period is at the same time really uncertain but also filled with an amazing number of innovations and changes. We are researching and studying to try to better imagine what the post-Covid design trends may be.

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Throughout all this month , we will be sharing a trend update starting from the key Macro Design Trends for 2020-2021 we spotted at the Milan Design Week 2019. We are analyzing how these trends have changed or accelerated in light of the pandemic-crisis.

We hope this series of posts will inspire you and your business, even in these uncertain times.



TREND BUNDLE 2020-2021



Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Milan Design Week 2020 has been postponed to 2021. Most of the trends and designs we saw last year, however, still relevant in 2020 and most probably it will be accelerated until the next year.

Our idea is to share our MDW 2019 e-book and webinar together with an updated research on how the current international scenario will impact interior and design trends.

Which trends are still relevant? What will probably change, gain momentum or perhaps disappear?

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from Milan Design Week 2019

#3 Playful Living


More is More

Our lives are becoming more informal, hybrid, nomadic and entertaining. People, especially millennials, either at home or at work, want to be entertained and express their personalities. Brands and designers are working to meet all these needs with a more experimental, interactive and playful design.

Furniture and accessories should bring us joy, stimulate our creativity and give us the possibility to express ourselves. Maximalism is on the rise with its “more is more” mood, inviting us to mix and match bold colors, patterns, textures and unconventional shapes.

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Think about the Italian brand Seletti and its original and artistic approach to design with their animal lamps, oversized patterns, a mix of pop art and Memphis influences. Or the Swiss brand Vitra and its outspoken design pieces, with strong use of primary colors and bold use of materials and geometric shapes. Everything goes beyond functionality and invite us to experiment and play.


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80s and 90s pop

Social media, especially Instagram, is changing our perception of spaces and interior design. There is as a result an explosion of Instagramable pop-up spaces, especially in the retail sector. Brands have realised that the future of retail is playful, colourful and carefully crafted to be shared on social media.

During the Milan Design Week, the Italian design studio DESIGNBYGEMINI created a pop-up space inspired by Miami in the 90s pop, featuring fluorescent colors and a tropical vibe. Visitors were invited to engage, to take pictures in a pool and to share it on social media.

We can also notice a nostalgic comeback to the 80s and 90s pop bringing back bright colours and neon. The Versace Home collection and its outdoor pieces, such as the Versace Pop Medusa chair, is a great example of this revival.

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Covid-19 Update

#3 Playful Thinking


During the Milan Design Week 2019, we’ve spotted and identified “Playful Living” as a trend characterized by a playful reaction to the minimalist aesthetic. For us, this trend is more likely to be reinforced by the coronavirus crisis and all the new needs driven by this crisis social restrictions.

In the last months, we’ve been living under lots of constraints that we’ve never imagined before. We have been forced to stay inside our homes and to renounce to the simplest things of our daily routines, like going out for dinner or meeting friends. As history teach us, significant restrictions and depression periods can push creativity and fantasy beyond usual bounds. Since our bodies can’t wander freely and safely, our minds must do the job. The interiors and design industries are and will continue to be impacted by this drive for creativity and fantasy. We are now moving from Playful Living  “Playful Thinking”

Let’s see some examples to understand what Playful Thinking means in interior and design realms.




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