Nov 11, 2019

SHOP IT | Nostalgia-infused Pumpkin Orange furniture and decor

The beginning of the new decade brings a new vision of life at home. By spinning the colour wheel, we increasingly gravitate towards a strong colour presence to help us create a unique statement on our personal tastes and goals. Comfort, a feeling of ease, self-expression and sense of wellbeing become our holy grail as we look for ways to unwind and heal inside our private spaces.

The early signs of the emerging orange interior colour trend can be traced back to 2018 when terracotta started gaining traction in the interior design industry. Later that year Sherwin Williams announced Cavern Clay as their bet for the colour of the year 2019 and we witnessed its wild success in the months that followed.

Pumpkin Orange, our colour of the month, is the next step in the evolution of orange in interior design. As we become more playful in the way we decorate, stronger, more saturated colours start popping up in collections of our favourite brands.



To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of orange in interior design. I find its presence a bit overwhelming (especially in large amounts), and usually shy away from anything featuring its hues. With the exception of burnt orange.

There is something about burnt orange that makes the space feel particularly warm and welcoming. Other than its obvious nostalgic quality, it comes with a hint of maturity and sophistication. Like most of the trending colours, orange is gender-neutral and evocative of energy and optimism. It suggests wisdom and prestige, while still holding on to the intense spirit of vitality that’s usually associated with youth.

Obviously, avoiding mid-century vibes in this style board was absolutely out of the question. 

The idea behind this concept was to take the best from Scandinavian mid-century modern design and make it work in the context of 2020. Rich fabrics, graphic art and contrast of round and streamlined edges lead to a creation of the look you can see (and shop) below.

Could it work?



Pumpkin Orange Home Decor / Shop Online


  1. Colour Crown Cup Chandelier 30″, Dutton Brown | approx 1030 euros 
  2. Ikigai – Ink on paper by Hein Studio, The Poster Club | approx 49 euros
  3. NG 01 by Garmi, The Poster Club | approx 49 euros
  4. Color Adore Sconce, Dutton Brown | approx 170 euros
  5. Scented Candle in Glass Holder, HM | approx 4 euros
  6. Omada Ecoliving Espresso Cup, Wayfair | approx 5 euros
  7. Contemporary Burnt Orange Velvet Lumbar Pillow, Chairish | approx 85 euros
  8. Scott 4 seater, Made | approx 2090 euros
  9. Harmony Down-Filled Swoop Arm Chair, West Elm | approx 760 euros
  10. Upholstered Base Storage Ottoman – Large, West Elm | approx 350 euros
  11. Kadam Ceramic Vases, Uttermost | approx 95 euros
  12. Faux Eucalyptus arrangement in a glass vase, Faux Trees N’ Shrubs | approx 50 euros
  13. Traditional Style Ceramic planter, White And Orange, Dot & Bo | approx 73 euros
  14. Suzanne Flat-weave rug, rust, Aelfie | approx 80 euros
  15. Linon Home Perry End Table in Natural, Lowes | approx 220 euros

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