Jan 18, 2022

COLOR OF THE MONTH | Starting the new year in Periwinckle Blue

Starting the new year with the Purple Color Trend in Periwinckle Blue


Our first colour of the month for the New Year is a special color we can easily define as “blurple“, as a mix of the purple color trend and blue.  Inspired by the new Pantone Color of 2022 Very Peri , “blurple” can be more exactly called “Periwinckle blue” and this month we will learn more about this beautiful and intriguing color. 



Source Photo: Jonatan Pie/Wikimedia Commons




Purple Color Trend 2022

 Pantone of the year Very Peri 


Every year, as we already explained in this post about 2022 color trendsPantone picks a colour that symbolises the year ahead and for 2022, the colour is Very Peri – PANTONE 17-3938. 

Described as ‘a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying red undertone.’ A new Pantone Colour ‘whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.’

Defined as a colour that blurs the boundaries, it is no coincidence that Very Peri is a hue that is rarely seen in nature – this colour is all about invoking the digital age of 2022.





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Purple iMac Apple – via 





Purple Color Trend 2022

About Periwinckle Blue 


However, very peri can be straight related to a color that already exists in nature, Periwinkle Blue. 

A colour that, as its name says, derives from the delicate flowering periwinkle plant with star-shaped blooms. A soft, pale indigo that sits between purple and blue on the colour wheel.


Periwinkle Hex code #CCCCFF


Periwinkle Blue / History & Facts


Periwinkle’s first known appearance in English as a colour-word was in the 1920s, even if the colour existed since a lot longer in the painter’s toolbox, categorized in the violet umbrella.

Periwinkle sends signals of softness, and it has been for long years a timeless choice for artists and designers for its a sense of calmness and serenity. The colour has also been often used in art to invoke notions of femininity, romance, elegance, peacefulness and trustworthiness. But it has also other meanings in the history. 


Periwinkle Flower Source

Claude Monet’s Giverny, France via 

Claude Monet Water Lilies via 

Periwinkle Blue / the name


The name comes from the flower’s former name ‘pervinca’ which was used by the Romans. The word describes how the plant grows, the breakdown of the word periwinkle means “entwine” or “bind.” This invasive plant species was originated from Europe in the 1700s and often used an ornamental plant. However, these plants are also know as very poisonous due to naturally occurring toxic alkaloids, and was once known for medicinal folklore in the middle ages. 




The colour periwinkle is also called lavender blue. Periwinkle goes by many names and is sometimes called ‘the flower of death’ due to its dark past and because it often grew in cemeteries. Called ‘fiore di morte’ in Italy (flower of death) because it was common to lay wreaths of the evergreen on the graves of children. In Italy and England, periwinkle flowers were woven into hair bands for children’s funerals. In medieval England, the flowers were made into garlands for condemned men sent to the gallows for execution.


Periwinkle growing in an old cemetery via 


The flower is also sometimes associated with a happier occasion of marriage and could have been the “something blue” in the traditional wedding rhyme. The flowers symbolise calmness, serenity and peace, as well as winter, ice, blossoming friendships, sentimental memories and everlasting love. Most wedding receptions during the Gothic period had the bride and groom wear a wreath of periwinkle to symbolise eternal love. 


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