Mar 4, 2020

HOME TOUR | When a red painted floor makes the difference

Ever thought about painting a floor in a very bright color?

I admit, I would NEVER be able to do this in at home. Nor to propose this solution to any of my interior or e-design clients.


BUT I must say that, in these examples, a colorful floor is what makes the difference. With its very bright red, in fact, this interior shows how a colorful floor could be a good option to decorate a space.

Discovered through My Scandinavian Home blog, the interior is located in Nederland, reflecting the Dutch attitude towards bright and colorful spaces.

If you think – as I actually do – that you can easily get tired by such a strong color, these images shows that it can also actually be a very versatile solution. In fact, the first set of images was taken when the interior was actually a home (of an industrial designer and an architect), while the second one when it was transformed into a guest house. It is “just” a matter of the right interior furnishing and styling.

Enjoy the tour!



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HOME TOUR | When a red painted floor makes the difference


Before / home





After / guest house


source / styling by Avenue Lifestyle


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