Jun 5, 2022

SALONE DEL MOBILE 2022 Trends and News | Join our new TREND TALKS

Learn about the next design trends from Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone in real time. Join our Trend Talks


Finally, after more than two years, the biggest design event of the year is back. Salone del Mobile will take place from the 7th to the 12th June, back to its pre-Covid format and together with the Fuorisalone events in the city.

In the meantime, as we all know, things changed a lot in these two years. And so, I was looking for a new format to share about Milan – to be very accessible to all, fun ( both to be done and to be seen ), but at the same time to be honest, useful and informative.

That’s why I will be working together with trend expert Stefan Nilsson ( trendstefan ) with a totally new format than the previous years:, to be watched during the design week and after on demand. Actually,.



MDW22 Trend Talks


By joining our Trend Talks , in fact, you will have access to 3 different web shows of 30 minutes each, to be watched live during the design week or on demand after the design week.

We want to bring you an honest, totally non-sponsored, easy-to-digest vision of the event – actually two different perspectives, the Scandinavian and Italian one.

With our Trend Talks you will get:

  • relevant insights from Salone del Mobile (including Eurocucina, FTK, International Bathroom Exhibition and Salone Satellite ) and our list of top events and installations to not be missed in the Fuorisalone
  • our visions on the most current trends we spot in Milan
  • an overview of the next colours, materials, shapes, styles, with relevant samples
  • brands and designers to be noticed
  • other relevant trends and topics we spot in Milan

The videos will be recorded so you can also watch them on-demand after the event. You will find all the details .


Would you like to visit the upcoming Milan Design Week – but you can’t?

Or maybe you planning to visit it, but already feeling overwhelmed by the biggest event of the year?

Our Trend Talks are designed for you:

Our Milan Design Week 2022 Trend Talk will take place online through 3 different exclusive web shows: 

  • Episode 1: Thursday 8th June, Salone del Mobile
  • Episode 2: Friday 9th June, Fuorisalone
  • Episode 3: Saturday 10th June, Salone del Mobile

Each webshow will be recorded and available also after the event.

By purchasing the ticket, you will have access to all the three episodes, plus a special preview on the 1st of June. Look forward to see you there!


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