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My 10 Favorite Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

Every year we hear more and more about new blogs and social media pages focusing on the popular Scandinavian Interior Design trend. With all these names floating around, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep up. All of them feature amazing designs, inspiring tips and beautiful photographs, so this was a hard list to compile. However, I finally managed to combine my personal favorite 10 list of Scandinavian interior design blog: if you don’t already you should start following them now.

10 Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs


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  • Stylizimo

At the top of our Scandi inspired blogs is Nina Holst’s popular page Stylizimo. The blog was founded by Nina in 2010, out of her obsession with interior design. Although the blogger started writing about interior design trends and products that inspired her just as a hobby, the pastime quickly became a full time job. The blog has become popular all over the world, with over 195,000 followers on Instagram. As a photography lover, all photos posted on the blog are styled and taken by her. Her online presence is highlighted by a consistent aesthetic of Scandinavian glam style and by the simplicity and color neutrality of her photos. The blog posts include DIY ideas, insightful product choices, and lots of tasteful decorating inspiration.


  • Trendenser

Trendenser was founded by Frida Ramstedt, a stylist who turned her passion and love for interior design into a full time job. The successful Swedish blogger has been writing for over twelve years, and her blog was one of the first in the country. Its originality and progressive nature turned it into a successful means of inspiration for design lovers worldwide. The blog’s focuses on worldwide sustainability issues and on the importance of eco friendly consumption in homes. Trendenser has over 136,000 Instagram followers and keeps gaining popularity over time.


  •  My Scandinavian Home

Different from the other Scandi bloggers mentioned on this list, My Scandinavian Home was founded by Niki Brantmark, a London girl. Niki is a stylist, photographer, influencer and painter who moved from London to Sweden in 2004. Her vision is to inspire like minded people with ethereal Scandinavian inspired home ideas. In an interview with, Niki explains that her passion for design comes from her childhood surroundings, since she recalls her mother always filled her home with beautiful vintage finds.  Similar to other Scandinavian inspired blogs, Niki’s style includes a strong black and white or neutral color base, with simple touches of color. As if all of her accomplishments in the interior design blogger world were not enough, she is also author of three books; Lagom, The Scandinavian Home, and Modern Pastoral. My Scandinavian Home has an Instagram following of over 134,000.


  • Vibeke Design

Vibeke Design was founded by Vibeke Saether Svenningsen, a Norwegian in love with Scandinavian style. Ever since she was a young girl she liked to be busy and fill the day with creativity. She paints, renovated furniture and she started her blog in 2011, with a focus on spreading her love of art. Although her first inspiration for the blog was art, she eventually took a different direction and now focuses on interiors and design. Art is still evident in her posts, and her beautiful photographs are evidence of her passion for painting and for nature. She usually incorporates nature and rustic aesthetics into her posts, which also include rustic and vintage pieces. Her social media presence is significant with over 107,000 followers on Instagram and an extremely popular Pinterest account.


  • Elisabeth Heier

Elisabeth Heier has always been passionate for aesthetics. She studied interior design and art and, when she quit her job, she began her career as a freelancer and blogger. The Oslo based designer is known for her clean style with a feminine touch of soft minimalism. The blog focuses on objects that inspire her from all over the design world to her own projects, which are generally simple yet perfectly harmonious interiors. On her blog, she shares tips on house renovation, interior design and styling, and even on creating beautiful flower arrangements. Her style is elegant and timeless and this blogger’s hard work has definitely merited her rise in popularity over the years.


  • Coco Lapine Design

This blogger wasn’t born and doesn’t live in any Scandinavian country, however, this might be what makes her Scandinavian inspired blog even more interesting. Belgian born Sarah Van Peteghem now lives in Germany. She started her blog Coco Lapine a few years ago after she moved to Berlin to work as an interior designer. She explains that she is mostly inspired by Nordic style, and she enjoys combining the Nordic look with an industrial feel. As other Scandinavian design lovers, her style and color aesthetic is monochromatic, usually focusing on simplicity and neutrality.


  • Boligcious

Founder Malene Marie Moller is an interior stylist and blogger at Boligcious and creative director at Hoeg + Moller, a creative content agency. After years in the fashion industry, Malene changed direction in order to follow her true passion for design and decor. In 2011 she created the blog, and this is what truly kickstarted her career. Today Boligcious is one of Denmark’s favorite sources when it comes to inspiration, design and art. More recently, she has also founded the Boligcious Lookbook (also known as SOHOME), Denmark’s first free online magazine.


  • Bungalow 5

Allan Torp is the author of “Scandinavian Style at Home”, a book that puts together much of Allan’s advice and inspiration that is found on his blog and social media pages. Allan’s background is in fashion, PR and communications. He was working in a media agency in Denmark when he decided to start his blog Bungalow 5 in 2010. He has now become an internationally recognized full time interior design blogger and author. Bungalow 5 is a source of inspiration for Scandinavian design and how to incorporate it in one’s own home. The blog also offers access to news, interviews and reviews within the creative world also covering architecture, travel, art, and even cars or random encounters that he considers are worth sharing with his public. 

  • September Edit

Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer is a Digital Curator based in Copenhagen. She works for a PR and Communications agency, but more than that she is founder of the beautifully styled and insightful blog September Edit. She started off showing her interiors and style on her Instagram page, and later decided to start her blog. With a typical nordic minimalistic aesthetic, Caroline’s photographs of spaces are uniquely beautiful. In addition to this, her Instagram feed is filled with pretty lifestyle design elements, not to mention precious posts of her newborn baby girl.

  • Hannah in the House

The blog Hannah in the House not only features great style and design choices, but also has a meaningful story behind it. Hannah Thinnesen Trickett is the founder of the blog. She tells the story of her frustration while trying to work in the interior design field and how the blog was a result of finding out she had a long term health condition called hydrocephalus. After multiple surgeries, she decided that if she was no longer physically able to work as an interior designer, she could at the very least write about it. Hannah is half Danish and half British. In her blog, she explores her Scandinavian heritage and culture.

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