Oct 18, 2019

INTERIOR TIPS | 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

|| A guest post by Ryan Tyson – Ryan is a freelance writer residing in Tampa, FL. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and going to the beach.

A beautiful home is a dream come true — a perfect expression of personal style. When you use some practical tips to reduce your utility bills, you’ll be able to save money that you may put towards an elegant new lamp, a designer chair, or anything else that helps you to make your interior design dreams a reality. Of course, reducing your utility bills will also be a wonderful way to do your bit for the planet. Energy conservation is an affordable and effective way to reduce global warming.


3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills


1 / Install Dimmer Switches


Dimmer switches will help you to create ambiance and they’ll also conserve energy by reducing the amount of electricity that goes to light bulbs. With a dimmer switch, lights are able to operate with a decreased power output. Dimmed lights last longer, as the lowered power output extends the life span of the light bulbs.

If you’re living in a smart home, you’ll be pleased to know that a programmable dimmer switch will be able to alter lighting power at certain times of the day or night, according to your preferences. Program your dimmers to deliver less power during the daylight hours and more power when the sun goes down.



2 / Invest In HVAC System Maintenance



Regular maintenance typically includes thorough cleaning and inspection of HVAC system components. Scott’s One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating asserts that the key to reducing the cost of running an HVAC system is proper maintenance. If a system doesn’t get regular maintenance from a trained technician who understands HVAC systems inside and out, it may spend more energy than it should.

Sometimes, HVAC systems should be replaced rather than repaired. The newer systems offer bigger energy conservation benefits than older systems. An HVAC tech will be able to let you know what condition your system is in and what the best course of action is.



3 / Use Energy Star-Rated Appliances



If you’re ready for appliance upgrades that will make your home more functional and attractive, you should opt for Energy Star-rated appliances. These types of appliances consume 10% to 20% less energy than comparable appliances that aren’t Energy Star-rated. Switching to these appliances should save you hundreds of dollars on the cost of energy each year.

Converting to Energy Star-rated washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers is a smart way to save some cash and reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon footprint emissions come from a range of sources, including electricity. If you choose smart Energy Star-rated appliances, you may program your appliances to run at certain times when electricity rates may be lower, such as late at night or on Saturday or Sunday mornings.


If you’re ready to make changes that decrease your energy bills, be sure to put these tips into action. These sensible tips that deliver measurable results. You’ll love saving money on the cost of energy, especially when you can put that money toward making your home your dream home.


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