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DESIGN TRENDS | Are tiny cabins the homes of the future?

Are tiny houses and cabins in the nature the homes of the future?

I was asking myself this question yesterday while scrolling my Instagram feed. It’s impossible to not notice, in fact, how much the popularity of tiny cabins in the nature is rising in the last few months.

Remote cabins in wild landscapes are a big trend in architectural design and one of the industries where we are seeing the most interesting changes and innovations now. Prefab cabins, in fact, may be a smart solution for housing issues, but also for other living activities that changed a lot because of the pandemic,  such as for example smart working or new kind of tourism.

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SMALL LIVING TREND | How is it changing

The Small Living is an international movement of people downsizing to live in tiny houses. It was already a rising lifestyle trend before the pandemic, embraced by people because of many factors, starting from the rising prices of housing which forced people to live inside small houses.


Are tiny houses the homes of the future? Let's go explore the small living trend, one of the top design trends for 2021


When the pandemic started, we researched and discussed a lot about how the future of living is changing because of corona virus and the future interior trends in a post-pandemic world. We are still living in a very insecure moment and for sure the small living is still a big trend, but it is changing. In fact, spending a whole quarantine inside a very tiny space is for sure not such a pleasant experience, that’s why many people started to dream of living in a tiny home but always surrounded by nature.

Tiny cabin design is for sure one of those rising industries because of the pandemic, a cross-sectoral trend which found application in some of the most contemporary lifestyle trends, such as for example smart-working and glamping. Let’s have a tour into some beautiful tiny houses design around the world to explore the small living trend in 2021.

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Small Living Trend 2021

6 Smart Cabin Designs & Tiny Houses



A modern refuge


Mountain Refuge is a beautiful prefabricated cabin-style micro-home built from plywood. Designed by Italian architects Massimo Gnocchi and Paolo Danesi, it is a contemporary interpretation of old traditional mountain refuges.

Thanks to different layout configurations, the cabin offer the possibility to manage space according to the different needs.


small living trend, tiny houses, cabin design trend



A cabin to work from everywhere


Designed by British company Koto, this prefab cabin is designed to work for everywhere. In the times of smart-working, this will be the dreamy office for many of us.

The exterior and interior design is inspired by Japanese design: prefab timber walls, for example, are blackened using the Japanese process of Shou Sugi Ban, which is used to protect wood from weathering.

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|| Enjoy some more design inspiration for tiny spaces:


The first pre-fabricated mirror house


Oddhouse are the first pre-fabricated mirror houses designed to integrate perfectly in the nature, and they are specifically designed for the hospitality industry.

In fact, the idea was born when the company founders – brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik –  were looking for a small house in a beautiful spot where they could spend the night during a weekend of hiking, but they didn’t find it. ÖÖD are installed on foundation poles which have been installed by the client’s local construction company in 1-2 days.



The cabin

The Backcountry Hut Company provides prefabricated cabin kits that you can mount by yourself.  The cabin, in fact, is actually a prefabricated kit-of-parts building system that is shipped directly to site and can be assembled in a fraction of the time of a traditional construction process.




Tiny houses designed by the world’s leading architects


Klein is a Danish company with the goal to develop self-powered tiny houses together with the world’s leading architects, build by leading manufacturers and delivered anywhere in the world within a 6 months.

 Their first tiny house concept design in collaboration with BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group was published a couple of years ago in the magazines (maybe you remember about this project) and it will available for real very soon.




The cabin design for digital nomads


Base Cabin sells wooden micro homes on wheels designed and built in Australia. Designed by Studio Edwards, it takes the inspiration from the traditional A-frame cabins, with he difference that they can be moved wherever you want because they are on wheels. The interior, despite being small, feels more spacious thanks to the narrow and tall ceiling and some smart layout solution.

Prices ranges from $59,990 for a shell that you can customize yourself, to $99,990, for the fully equipped one.




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Are tiny houses the homes of the future? Let's go explore the small living trend, one of the top design trends for 2021