SHOP IT | Super stylish Neutral Furniture and Decor with seashell white

by Bojana Bajac

A stylish yet minimalist style home with neutral furniture and decor : be inspired by Seashell White


Reflecting our desire to slow down and simplify our lives, we’re seeing a growing interest in neutral furniture and decor and uncluttered interior colour schemes. Favoring warm, nature-inspired tones we strive to cultivate well being inside a home and create a relaxing atmosphere for our troubled minds.

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Grey no longer feels warm enough. Beige tends to be a bit too yellow. But warm, pinkish Seashell White feels just right!





The Seashell White sits somewhere between white, beige and light pink. It feeds our visual appetite for soft and sophisticated interior tastes, while spicing them up with a chic contemporary flair.

The Seashell White feels inviting and cosy. Evocative of sunshine touching a seashore, Seashell White feels reassuring and contemplative. Promoting conscious living and the less is more approach to decorating, our colour of the month helps to create a cocooning environment inside a home, embracing the new-well being design trend. Unpretentious and laid-back it does wonders in sparking joy while inviting you to play with textures and decor.


Vintage meets contemporary in Seashell White

Unlike the seashell trend that has sparked biased opinions of the design community (represented by tiles, cushions, lighting and more), the Seashell White hardly feels tacky or dated. It melds beautifully with a variety of interior styles ranging from luxurious contemporary to relaxed eclectic chic and it is equally eloquent in translating both minimalist and maximalist interior fantasies.

For those who enjoy texture and layering textiles and different design influences, the Seashell White is a perfect match. It makes unexpected pairings seem natural and reconciles boho with extravagant.

Inspired by the Grounded colour palette by Dulux, I used this mood board to explore the line where vintage meets contemporary. Heavily layered, this concept relies on bringing together objects from different walks of life and juxtaposition of different forms and materials. The emphasis here is put on the sensory experiences, suggesting relaxed luxury and discrete (but obvious) obsession with art.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?






Neutral Furniture Design

for a stylish yet minimalist style home with Seashell White

/ Moodboard




Neutral Furniture Design

for a stylish yet minimalist style home with Seashell White

/ Shop Online

  1. Dome Pendant 14’ Perforated, Allied Maker | approx 1000 euros
  2. Twiins Align, Ashleigh Holmes | approx 3700 euros
  3. Paw Sconce by Armelle Benoit, Pierre Yovanovitch | price upon request
  4. Anissa Kermiche’s cream Breast Friend, Matches Fashion | approx 380 euros
  5. Loma Sofa, Kelly Wearstler | approx 8000 euros
  6. B3 Arm Chair by Marcel Breuer, Thonet | approx 350 euros
  7. Jean Coffee Table by Mambo Unlimited Ideas, Pamono | approx 850 euros
  8. Loops Pillow, Minna | approx 200 euros
  9. Remy Rug, West Elm | approx 500 euros
  10. Loop Handle Mug, Jan Schachter | approx 40 euros
  11. Asymmetrical beige ceramic container, Anton Alvarez | price upon request
  12. Kassandra Thatcher Oblong Loop Lamp, Spartan Shop | approx 1400 euros
  13. Handmade Pots, Miriam C. | price upon request



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