Aug 1, 2022

The Do’s And Don’ts Of HVAC Maintenance

Homeowners have a long list of chores and odd jobs to do, and one of them is keeping their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in good working condition. The problem is that most homeowners don’t really know much when it comes to HVAC maintenance. They don’t know which tasks are safe for them to perform and which ones should be done by a professional. 

Below is a guide for the things you may do and those you shouldn’t attempt to do in order to keep your HVAC system properly maintained:


  • Do Routine Inspections 

Your HVAC system must be inspected by a licensed technician at least once a year. Even if your system is newly installed or still in great shape, consider having it looked at by an HVAC professional during spring or fall. By doing so, you’ll have plenty of time to schedule repairs or replacements before summer or winter arrives. 

However, you may do the following routine inspections on your own to ensure your unit is in tip-top condition between scheduled HVAC maintenance checks. 

  • Check the belts, bearings, and fan.
  • Inspect the refrigerant level.
  • Check the electrical connections for signs of burning and corrosion.
  • Note any unusual noises or odors.

By performing these routine inspections, you’ll be able to detect potential issues that may cause your unit to shut down completely. 

  • Do Replace The Filters Regularly

Filters are an essential component of your HVAC system. Generally, they trap dust, mold spores, pollen, and other contaminants, resulting in improved indoor air quality.

You should be familiar with your HVAC system’s filters, as some types are washable and reusable, while others are disposable and need to be replaced regularly. Note that the frequency of HVAC filter replacement depends on your specific circumstances.

  • Every three months, if you have no pets
  • Every two months, if you have one pet
  • Every month if you have more than one pet
  • At least once a month, if a family member has asthma or allergies  

Always change them once they’re dirty, even if they’re not yet due for a replacement. The reason is that dirty filters cause the unit to run inefficiently. 

As a result, the HVAC unit consumes more power to circulate air around the home, which eventually leads to high energy bills. Also, a dry filter causes the fans to work harder, which may lead to premature wear and tear. 

  • Do Know When To Hire A Professional

If you’ve gained sufficient experience in routine maintenance tasks, you may carry these out on your own. Such activities include changing air filters and cleaning vents, registers, and clogged ducts. However, you may need to call the experts for more complicated tasks. 

Bear in mind that improper maintenance may lead to more problems that will require extensive and expensive repairs. Therefore, for serious issues, you should contact the manufacturer’s authorized technicians to repair your HVAC system.

Nonetheless, performing simple maintenance tasks allows you to save because you’ll call the professionals only when necessary.


  • Don’t Skip Scheduled Maintenance 

When you hire the services of a qualified technician to perform HVAC maintenance, they will thoroughly check your unit for any potential problems. If these problems are not addressed early on, they may lead to a system breakdown that requires extensive repairs. 

Unfortunately, there are many instances of homeowners ignoring the importance of sticking to scheduled HVAC maintenance. You should never do this if you want your unit to last. 

It’s ideal to observe regular maintenance, so any potential issues can be addressed right away before they cause further damage to the entire system.  

  • Don’t Put Off Recommended Repairs 

One of the benefits of letting an experienced technician inspect and tune up your HVAC system is that they can easily find potential problems and fix them before they cause your unit to break down. Although it can be disappointing to hear that your heating or cooling system requires repair, you should never put it off.  

If you’re not certain about the urgency of the repairs, ask the technician while they’re still working on your unit. They should be able to give you a specific timeline for the recommended repairs. 

  • Don’t Overwork Your HVAC System 

The HVAC unit is one of the essential systems in the home that is often overlooked until it suddenly stops working. In fact, many homeowners tend to leave them running all the time, especially if the weather outside is too hot or too cold. 

However, bear in mind that too much load on your HVAC system may cause it to break down sooner than later. This will cause you to spend more money on repairs, maintenance, or worse, replace your unit with a new one. 

Final Thoughts 

Regular HVAC maintenance should be observed to keep your heating and cooling system running smoothly, providing your home with comfortable indoor temperatures. Be sure to follow the do’s and don’ts discussed above to keep your unit functioning optimally in the years ahead.


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