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RESTAURANT DESIGN | Original restaurant interior by Karina Wiciak

Original restaurant interior
Szklania restaurant is a really original restaurant interior design by Polish Karina Wiciak of studio Wamhouse.
As in other projects, the author’s assumption was not to create trite, fashionable interiors, but non-standard places, full of symbols and metaphors, at the borderline between architecture and scenography.
At first glance, the “Szklarnia” looks like a demolished establishment. The décor itself is supposed to surprise, especially as the word “demolition” hardly befits an elegant restaurant. Elegant white and shiny glass also contrast with damaged walls, cracked floor and scattered stones.
The “Szklarnia” (which in Polish means “greenhouse”) design includes also table “Rozbity” (which in Polish means “broken”), a hanging lamp  “Rozbita”, and chair “Rozbite”
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Original restaurant interior

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Other projects. . .

Szklarnia” is part of The collection “XII” will consist of 12 thematic interior designs, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part will be interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name. Each subsequent design will be created within one month, and the entire collection will take one year to create.
Ubojnia” is the second of the collection: at first glance, it seems a sketch which not only the main element of decoration, but also visually changes the scale of the room. People who stay in such an interior may get an impression that they are shrunk, or at least that they are in a fabulous and unreal world.
|| Via Dezeen
Masarnia” is the  third from the “XII” collection, entirely designed by Karina Wiciak.
It looks like a sweet, winter-Christmas picture, or like a modern, elegant interior.
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