Oct 16, 2020

TILE TRENDS 2021 | Iridescent tiles by Decoratori Bassanesi inspired by Venice

To me, travel  has always been among the first sources of inspirations and of research.

And, in these times more than ever when we cannot travel as much as before, I think it is essential to surround ourselves with an environment that can inspire us, maybe by evoking those places where we used to travel.

What about evoking a magical place such as Venice in our homes?

And what if I tell you that you can do this with tiles and wall coverings?


Tile Trends 2021: Iridescent effect tiles to decorate home


Last week I had the chance to know more about a very interesting new collection of tiles, mirror and wallpapers produced by Decoratori Bassanesi, an Italian ceramic brand based near my city.

The collection is called “Luci di Venezia“. During a tour around Venice organized by Veneto Inside, I had the chance to test in person the visual effects of the tiles, but also to find inspiration around the city by matching the tiles with some glimpses of the city.



What makes it so special is that the tiles have a beautiful iridescent effect combined to 3d decoration on the surface, which makes these tiles always look different under the sunlight.

The entire collection is inspired by the city of Venice, its lights and colors. Especially, by all those beautiful effects of reflections over the water you can see everywhere in the city.




Luci di Venezia : About the collection

The unique effect you can see in the tile surface is created thanks to a special combination of multiple layers of material, opalescent glazes and mirrored surfaces. This creates unexpected light effects by changing the perception of colour of the surfaces. 

The collection features a wide range of colors, from the most vivid ones to more neutral ones, all inspired by Venice colors. The layered surfaces evoke scraped plasterwork with fresco decorations, elegant fabrics, old brick walls worn out by time and reflected on the water surfaces.

By combining the different colors and kind of decorations – Venezia, Rialto, Onde, Cristallo, Riflesso, Intreccio – , the mirrors and the wallpapers, you can decorate any space, in home environments but also for example in creative shop and restaurant designs.












Luci di Venezia : Be inspired






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