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Top TILE TRENDS 2021 for the Kitchen and Bathroom Design

What is trending in bathroom and kitchen tiles?


After a year of big changes, we are facing new ways of living inside our homes. This is bringing many changes and innovation in different industries, from furniture design to interior materials. Today we are exploring the major trends concerting the ceramic tile design,  in collaboration with Italian ceramic brand Casalgrande Padana.

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Enjoy the collection and let me know on Instagram if you have spotted other interesting news and tiles collection for the new year!


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Top TILE TRENDS 2021 for the Kitchen and Bathroom Design


#1 / Biophilic Design

Tile Trends 2021


Biophilic design was already a rising trend before the pandemic and it became even stronger now, due of the times when we were forced to stay home and we realized about the importance of natural green. It is scientifically proven, in fact, how natural green can improve our well-being and health, but also how it visually can make a space more beautiful and cosy. Natural green is going to be for sure one of the first inspirations in the wall coverings and interior finishes, also to the tiles design, which will be more and more realistic thanks to the digital print technology.

vertical garden indoor,Self-cleaning green tiles with a biophilic design , Limpha Casalgrande Padana

vertical garden indoor,Self-cleaning green tiles with a biophilic design , Limpha Casalgrande Padana


Limpha is the new collection of porcelain stoneware from Casalgrande Padana. Inspired by climbing plants, it’s the perfect way to transform a simple covering into a tribute to natural beauty.

#2 / Spa-like design

Tile Trends 2021

Bathrooms are perceived as small oasis inside our homes, spaces where to disconnect, relax and take care of ourselves. As a consequence of this, their design is inspired more and more by wellness retreats and spas. Greenery, walk-in showers, freestanding baths and natural materials are all together combined to stimulate our senses and improve our wellness. That’s why natural materials, with their irregular and rough shapes, will be for sure a strong source of inspirations for tile design: unfinished stones, granite effect tiles, raw woods, onyx, are some examples of this look.


Geowood is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware which represents rare and precious essences, coming from different parts of the world

Amazzonia and Mineral Chrom are stone-effect porcelain stonewares, with a vast choice of colours

Marmoker and Marmosmart are latest generation of porcelain stoneware collections inspired by the beauty of natural marble

#3 / Back to Grey

Tile Trends 2021

With the Color of the Year 2021 – the couple Ultimate Grey + Illuminating Yellow – Pantone confirms the return of grey as one of the key colors for the next year. Translate into interiors and design, this cannot make us not think about cement. Actually, concrete never went out of style, but we are predicting a strong comeback of cement design inspired by the brutalist style. Yes, cement it’s not the easiest finish to put inside an interior (especially if it’s not a brand new one!) but the good news is that there are many beautiful tile collections with a perfect cement-look design. Large format in this case is a must!



 Manhattan is a cement-effect porcelain stoneware collection of tiles, distinguished by their neutral tones



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#4 / Calming and Natural hues

Tile Trends 2021

According to the latest bathroom trends, soft colors such as taupe, beige, greige, pearl, sand and mink are replacing traditional glassy white. Neutral and serene colors such as greige, pastels, muted greens, soft pinks and blues, are ideal for creating a welcoming space also in the kitchen. These serene colours inspired by nature are particularly seeing in wall coverings so, not surprisingly, in many upcoming tiles collections.


R-Evolution is a new collection in cement-effect porcelain stoneware, the result of enthusiastic research into the material and natural tones

#4 / Dark Kitchens

Tile Trends 2021


If from one side soft and reassuring colors are having a big moment, on the other side we are seeing a big trends towards dark colors, especially in the kitchen design. Black, dark brown or grey, often overlooked as purely accent colours, are now having a moment with most kitchen manufactures presenting darker design options that are not limited to façades. Dark stones such as vined granite or marble effects are used to add dramatic layering and subtle hue variations for a refined atmosphere, that can be easily achieved by using the correct tile design.


Terrazzo is the new granite-effect porcelain stoneware collection offering the image of a natural “mosaic” made from pieces of different sizes

Resina collection

R-Evolution collection


#5 / Bordless rooms

Tile Trends 2021


Times are changing and so are our homes. Multifunctional and bordless rooms are becoming more and more frequent, as well as solutions such as bedrooms and bathrooms combo. In fact, rather than separating these rooms, we now begin to find elements of the bathroom in the bedroom, for example, basins and freestanding baths. Minimal décor design goes hand in hand with these new concept of space, with large format tiles creating continuous surfaces are the design solution for floor and wall coverings.


Kontinua is the name of Casalgrande Padana’s large and thin porcelain stoneware slabs, extending the range with 6.5 mm thick slabs measuring 160×320 cm, 120×260 cm, 120×240 cm, 120×120 cm and 60×120 cm, 90×180 cm and 90×270 cm. These can be integrated with the traditional thickness products, helping to meet the extra demands of contemporary design.

#6 / Auto-cleaning surfaces

Tile Trends 2021

Last but not least, after a pandemic year, we are all entering the new year with a new consciousness of all the topics related to hygiene and disinfection. There as been a fast acceleration of all those technologies related to this industry, bringing new solutions also for wall coverings such as auto cleaning tiles.

For example, the Bios Self-Cleaning® is a solution developed by Casalgrande Padana for façade cladding which activates a reaction in the presence of sunlight. This reaction reduces air pollutants and decomposes dirt deposits, which are washed away by rainwater, thanks to the superhydrophilicity of the ceramic surface.



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