Jul 21, 2022

TILE TRENDS | Most popular tile colours in 2022

Today I am sharing the second part of an interesting research I received from Atlas Ceramics about the most popular tile trends in 2022.

They explored on a wide range of datas in the global Google searches to define which are the favorite tiles among customers – considering colors, style, format. The research proved how colourful tiles are making a comeback, especially in light and pastel colors, together with glazed tiles.

Let’s see more in detail the part related to the tile colour trend in this post – you can find the first part of the research about tile style trends in this link.


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Tile colour trends in 2022

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/ Most popular tile colour trends

It’s surprising to see that the most popular tile colours are black and grey tiles, followed by gold tiles.
The research is global and I think it’s far from the favorite colors here in Italy, which are definitely lighter and neutral colours. Black and gold tiles, in fact, are definitely not popular here.

/ On-trend tile colours

It’s interest to see that a bright color such as lemon yellow has increased by 153.7%. With interest for beige minimalist interiors still going strong, eggshell coloured tiles are attracting a lot of interest with over 63% increase in popularity.
Apricot tiles ranked third, with a 49.7% increase in searches and 900 searches more than last year. This colour is ideal to get the effect of a Moroccan villa – goes together with the terracotta color trend we also noticed at the last Milan Design Week.
Not sure about the lemon yellow color trend – definitely here is not a popular one here in Italy, as people when talking about colours are still more oriented towards blues and greens.


/ The tile colours going out of fashion

British racing green tiles saw a 32.5% decrease in popularity. Interestingly, also the searches for Antique brass tiles, Pastel pink tiles and Granite grey tiles have decreased – more than 20%.
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