Jul 19, 2022

TILE TRENDS | Most popular tile styles in 2022

As a trend forecaster, when predicting the next trends one of the key things to do is investigating about customers tastes and behaviors in the specific niche. In this regards, I am sharing an interesting research I received from Atlas Ceramics about the most popular tile styles in 2022.

They explored on a wide range of datas in the global Google searches to define which are the favorite tiles among customers – considering colors, style, format.

Let’s see more in detail the first part of this research, related to the styles and format. Together with it, I added some notes regarding the trends here in Italy, because in some cases are different.


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Tile style & format trends in 2022

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/ Most popular tile styles and formats

Not a secret to see that ceramic tiles are the most popular style overall, with over 1.3 million Google searches. Followed by mosaic tiles – that anyways loose over 200,000 searches, since last year, showing a kind of lowering interest towards super small formats.

Here in Italy, anyways, what is very popular now is still the very large format both for flooring and wall covering.

/ On-trend tile styles


What’s interesting instead is to see the rising of 3 particular tile styles:

  • Craquelure tiles are trending right now with an increase of 77% in Google searches from last year. This style gives tiles an old fashioned classical look through the cracked ceramic glazing process.

  • Raku tiles saw the second-highest increase in popularity (27% increase in searches). These wall tiles are created through a traditional japanese firing technique which creates a colour and texture variety in each tile.

  • Pickett tiles are also increasing of 21%, Pickett is a ceramic tile inspired by the silhouette of hexagons. Maybe they are the 2.0 version of the hexagon tile trend which was super huge some years ago?
Pickett tiles are almost non-existent here in Italy. Instead, craquelure and raku tiles are making a comeback here as well.


/ The tile colours going out of fashion

None of the tiles listed in the first 3 have never been on trend here in Italy. However, it’s interesting to see for example how very popular tiles such as geometrical and hexagon are loosing popularity in the researches.

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