May 18, 2021

TILE TRENDS | Rustic modern decor with stone effect tiles

If you are looking for some tile ideas for your home and you love modern rustic decor,

Be inspired by one of the latest tile trends: stone effect tiles


We already talked about the modern rustic interior style here, and how it is coming back as one of the most appreciated decor styles now. With raw and natural finishes, cosy atmosphere, yet a minimalist aesthetic, modern rustic interiors in fact perfectly embrace todays’ trends.

In fact, one of the main trends in interiors for 2021 and for sure for the next year, is all about bringing nature indoor. With greeneries and plants, open and airy surfaces, organic shapes, but also natural materials and finishes that can evoke a very natural feeling.

In this article, I am sharing some new collections of tiles by Italian brand Casalgrande Padana, which are perfect to achieve this rustic feel because of their super natural stone effect. And some tips for choosing the right tiles for floorings and walls. Be inspired!


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Tile Trends

 Rustic modern decor with Stone effect tiles


1/ Stone effect flooring


When talking about flooring, for sure stoneware tiles are the most practical and convenient option. To get a very natural and rustic feel, stone effect tiles are one of the best choices. Anyways, not all stone-effect tiles can be the “right ones” for a modern rustic decor.

My recommendation, when choosing a stone-effect tile for the flooring, is to opt for a warm and natural color; second, to prefer a large size format; last but not least, a mat finish with a realistic effect.


With a palette of rich shades that recall the natural vibrations of the earth,  Nature ceramic tiles brings a contemporary twist to the materials typical of Italian land and our traditions. Relaxing colours and delicate colour vibrations team with the outstanding qualities of porcelain stoneware to shape tiles suitable for all kinds of surfaces indoors and out, for both flooring and coverings. Discover Nature Here.


Flooring : Nature Sabbia
Flooring : Petra Bianca
Flooring : Nature Calce


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2 / Add a wabi-sabi effect with texture


One of the top trends for this year is for sure texture. That is also one of the keys of a modern rustic interior: in fact, this style is more about playing with textures than about decorating with colours. To give to the walls a tactile twist, you can choose finishes like chalk paint and limewash paint, but also wall coverings with a natural stone effect. 

Adding texture, anyways, is a great way of accentuating the space and adding some character into an interior, embracing the wabi-sabi aesthetic that finds beauty in unperfected and raw surfaces.


Inspired by the natural elegance of stone, the new Petra porcelain stoneware collection brings a modern twist to the warmth and beauty of quartzite, capturing all its power and charm. Delicate earthy and sandy shades, neutral and grey nuances and tones with a modern, natural design blend with the imperfections left by the passage of time. A collection that teams the elegant beauty of quartzite with the resistance and versatility of porcelain stoneware. Discover Petra Here.


Flooring: Petra Sabbia
Flooring + Walls: Petra Antracite
Flooring: Nature Lava



3 / Work with different tile formats



As mentioned above, to get a perfect rustic style with a modern touch you should not decorate with colors and patterns, but with materials and textures. Another good reason for choosing tiles is that you can play with the same color and finish, but by matching different sizes and formats.

For example, by creating a low cladding with brick-size tiles, or by putting on evidence only some portions of wall by using a different and smaller format.


Petra is available in six different colors(Petra Antracite, Bianca, Grigia, Oro, Perla e Sabbia) and in 5 formats (small 20×20 cm and 20×40 cm, medium 30×60 cm and 60×60 cm, flange size 60×120 cm). Plus, the mosaic decor with 5×5 cm or 5×15 cm pattern and a new series of decor with a brick pattern.

Nature is also available in six different colors (Argilla, Calce, Creta, Lava, Sabbia e Terra) but in 6 formats (10×30 cm, 30×60 cm, 60×60 cm, 45×90 cm, 90×90 cm and 60×120 cm). Plus, the mosaic decor with 5×5 cm or 5×15 cm pattern .


Flooring: Petra Perla + Wall: Petra Perla Decoro Brick
Flooring + Wall: Petra Oro
Flooring: Petra Antracite + Walls: Petra Antracite Mosaico
Flooring: Petra Sabbia + Wall: Decoro Muretto Petra Sabbia



4 / Bringing the outdoor in


Last, do not forget about the outdoor! For a perfect rustic vibe, creating continuity between in & out is a must: for doing this, one effective way is to work with the same floor finish indoor and outdoor.

But you can’t do this with most of the flooring materials, as they are not suitable for the outdoor; luckily, you can with some tiles- but, make sure that they have rectified edges and an anti-slip surface. Also, to guarantee a higher resistance to loads, tiles for the outdoor should be ticker ( usually 20 mm ) than the indoor ones.


Both the Nature and Petra tiles are available in the 20 mm thickness, perfect for the outdoor, and they are perfectly squared and rectified with an anti-slip surface. They can be installed with glue on the screed, or dry directly on sand, gravel or grassy surfaces.


Flooring: Nature Calce




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