Feb 2, 2022

TRAVELS | Top 10 destinations from Lonely Planet in Colors

Finally it’s time to schedule new travels.

The past two years has been really difficult but looks like 2022 is really the year for catch-up travel, with 61% of people saying that they plan to go abroad within the year.

With this in mind, colour specialists at Lick have looked at the must-see travel destinations of 2022 featured on Lonely Planet, and created a tailored colour palette for each country.

To do this, they selected a photograph that best represents each destination and processed it through a colour picker tool to find the eight most dominant shades.

What about your next destination? Maybe it’s one of these top 10 destinations 2022 listed by Lonely Planet? Let me know on Instagram @italianbark


The top 10 destinations 2022 from Lonely Planet in colors

be inspired for your next travel destination


Cook Islands | via Mohammadali Faraji CC BY 3.0


Norway | via 


Mauritius | via 


Belize | via James Willamor CC BY-SA 2.0


Slovenia | via Malcolm Carlaw CC BY 2.0


Anguilla | via Roy Googin CC BY 3.0


Oman | via 


Nepal | via Sebastian Werner CC BY 2.0


Malawi | via Kevin Walsh CC BY 2.0


Egypt | via Ahmed Photographer CC BY 4.0


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