Jul 19, 2019

Top Interior Design Trends for 2019 and the next future : an infographic

Discover which are the Top Interior Design Trends for 2019 and the next future with our infographic about the main trends for interiors, design, decor


Interior design is an essential aspect of any home decor. It is with interior design that sets a scene and a different mood of an entire space. One thing for sure is that interior design does not stay still but changes itself every year. An old trend might become new again, or a new trend completely invents itself that year. 

As we have just passed the half of this year, let’s look at some of the changes we have seen in interior design so far in 2019. Muchneeded.com has created an interesting infographic outlining many of these changes and which will be the Top Interior Design Trends for 2019 and the next future. I am happy to share it today with you, before starting next week to talk about what will be next in 2020 and 2021.

The first significant change is that we see increased usage of natural elements in interior design. Indoor gardens and an assortment of plants mainly tropical and cactus are all the rave. Furthermore, even just the use of earthly colors are now more popular. It’s not just about adding some plants in the indoor (a decor trend we’ve seen for a while now), but it’s a new approach to interior design which involves materials, colors, decor, furniture. We can call this the “biophilic” design trend. 

For Kitchens and bathrooms, there has been a shift from all-white to black. Black kitchen and bathroom decor are now trending with many elements of these spaces turning black such as cabinets, sinks, lighting, among others. We wrote about this last week, when talking about the latest kitchen design trends and the finishes to last forever

Regarding color trends, the top color for this 2019 has been mustard yellow, as we predicted on italianbark by starting the 2019 with mustard yellow as color of the month of January.

Other trends observed can be found in the nice infographic below. For more inspiration, make sure to read these posts:


Top Interior Design Trends for 2019 and the next future

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