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TRAVEL TIPS | Top Cesar Manrique attractions in Lanzarote

Short guide of the top attractions by Manrique to visit in Lanzarote if you love design and architecture

Our holidays in Lanzarote + Fuerteventura last summer where among the best ones we ever had. Especially, I absolutely loved our week in Lanzarote: the perfect mix between a relaxing holiday and a cultural one.

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In fact, Lanzarote is famous not only for its amazing beaches and landscapes but also for its architectural attractions by Cesar Manrique. The visionary 20th-century artist, sculptor, and architect was born in Lanzarote in 1919 and, after years in Europe (Madrid) and New York, he spent here many years, especially in the final period of its life.

Manrique truly loved Lanzarote and spent its times in making the Canarias island as beautiful as possible, by respecting its amazing original volcanic nature. Actually, the architect has a major influence on the planning regulations in Lanzarote and thanks to him the island escaped to the savage building exploitation other Canarias had while preserving its natural beauty. Lanzarote is characterized by its whitewashed villages but also by some unique architectures by Manrique spread in the island.

Enjoy my guide of the top Manrique attractions to visit in Lanzarote.


Jardin de Cactus

Top Cesar Manrique attractions in Lanzarote


Mirador del Rio

Mirador del Rio is the first place we visited once we arrived in Lanzarote, because it was near the town where we were staying, the small fishing village of Arrieta. The work stands in a strategic vantage point in the northern tip of the island – which is also the least touristy area of Lanzarote – at an altitude of almost 500 meters overlooking the island of La Graciosa.

To enhance this wonderful panorama, Manrique created the Mirador. The work has become one of his most representative works and is an absolute must-see of every trip to Lanzarote.



Fundación César Manrique

The Fundacion Cesar Manrique is the perfect place to learn about the history of Manrique, so I suggest you visit this place at the beginning of your holiday in Lanzarote. The foundation is located in Taniche and it has been for many years the house of the artist, which was designed by him in every detail.

Fundacion Cesar Manrique is an amazing place and a must-see in Lanzarote. The building, in fact, was created on a lava soil, absolutely inhospitable, that the artist transformed into a unique space. While from the outside the building looks like a normal whitewashed villa, once inside you will realize its uniqueness, especially when you go downstairs. In fact, Manrique created the rooms inside volcanic bubbles, which are cavities created by gases during the volcanic eruptions: nature and architecture are integrated become one single element, transformed into truly unique interior spaces.


volcanic landscape, Manrique architecture, fundacion Manrique lanzarote, The top attractions by Manrique in Lanzarote to visit if you love design: our guide to the best things to see in lanzarote, Canarias

Manrique architecture, fundacion Manrique lanzarote, The top attractions by Manrique in Lanzarote to visit if you love design: our guide to the best things to see in lanzarote, Canarias


Jameos de Agua

jameos del agua lanzarote

Jameos del Agua

Jameos del Agua is another top attraction in Lanzarote and it’s located in the North of the island, not far from the Mirador. It is also the first Art, Culture and Tourism Centre ever to be created by César Manrique, and for many, it is also the one which best reflects his aesthetic ideals of harmony between nature and art. The architect created inside a volcanic tube created by lava flowing an unique auditorium, together with other common space which are perfecly integrated inside the volcanic nature.

Tip: visit it at the opening time or early in the afternoon, as it is a really crowded place!


Jardin de Cactus

This is another place which left me speachless for its beauty. Le Jardin de Cactus is the last work by Manrique and probably the one which better represent his vision, marked by a perfect equilibrium between man and nature.

The garden is arranged in steps, like a real amphitheater, and it hosts thousands of cactuses. The species come from different latitudes and from many countries in the world, for a total of over a thousand different species. The 5000 square meters of this amazing garden is dominated by a typical mill, which makes the garden recognizable even from the outside.


El Diablo – Parque Nacional de Timanfaya

Inside the amazing volcanic park of Timanfaya you can find another unique architecture by Manrique, ElDiablo restaurant. This is the only building inside the park, built on a soil that at ten centimeters deep reaches a temperature of 140 ° C. For this reason, the construction is entirely made of metal, stone and crystal.

Here again, nature is absolutely part of the architecture: the hall is surrounded by large windows, giving wonderful views over the volcanic park, and the kitchen receives the heat directly from the underground.



Casa Museo de César Manrique

La Casa Museo de César Manrique in Haría was the last architecture we visited during our holiday. It is also the place where the artist spent the last years of his life. The villa was once a farm, which Manrique renovated and transformed into an amazing house.

The villa is divided into numerous rooms, all still furnished with objects that César Manrique used. Unfortunately, in the Casa Museo it is forbidden to take pictures so I can’t show you the inside, but I assure you that the visit is really worth it.


All images ©ITALIANBARK unless otherwise stated

Top Cesar Manrique attractions in Lanzarote Map

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