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Top 3 2019 Wood Flooring Trends

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|| A guest post by Brodie Milner


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What is it about wood flooring that makes it truly unique? Maybe it’s the natural complexities of each grain that enchants homeowners with every step. Maybe it’s the boundless warming textures that bring an added dimension of depth to any interior space. Or maybe it’s wood’s nostalgic charm, taking us back to a simpler time.

Whatever it is, it’s undeniable that wood flooring of all species has become universally desired.

Whilst the prototypical look of traditional hardwood has remained in vogue for generations, 2019 is looking to shake up some of our most beloved trends. Naturally, this means that there are some exciting changes on the horizon, pushing wood flooring into the forefront of contemporary interior design.

With each new development, you’re sure to invite limitless creativity, bespoke style, and unparalleled character into your home, no matter where you live.

Don’t get left behind. Stay ahead of the curve with our latest predictions for the top 3 wood flooring trends in 2019!


Wood Flooring Trend #1 | Parquet Patterns

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to create an original interior aesthetic. In fact, looking towards the past can make for interesting new ideas in the future.


Parquet flooring was first introduced in the 17th century, becoming favored by the French aristocracy and European upper classes for its individualistic decorative flair. As a result, it’s often associated with affluence and prosperity, promising to deliver that added touch of sophistication.

The intricate geometry of parquet patterns is highly ornate and works in harmony with modern, minimalist spaces, and fashionable, pastel color palettes.

In this new age of social media interaction, it has never felt more important to remain completely unique. With parquet flooring, you can be. There are an indefinite number of patterns you can create with each wood block, ranging from classic herringbone to opulent Versailles.

There’s no doubt that parquet flooring is going to remain a strong contender in 2019. If you are looking for something really original, think also about painting your parquet flooring: it’s one of the top decor trends for the year also according to the Pinterest predictions.

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Diamond Pattern Painted Floor via


Wood Flooring Trend #2 | Grey and Neutral Palettes

Grey and neutral interior palettes have taken center stage in recent years, becoming the main feature in many types of home. The muted color scheme is no longer exclusive to urban, industrial settings, and has instead become synonymous with the words chic, smart, and stylish.

Whether light or dark, grey and neutrals are incredibly versatile, creating a balanced aesthetic and bringing continuity to your color scheme.

But don’t settle for the obvious choice of grey walls and neutral fabrics. For an intriguing new twist on this modern classic, introduce these ccolorsto your wood flooring. This creates an eye-catching foundation for more prominent pieces without becoming intrusive.

There are countless possibilities for contemporary design with grey and neutral hardwood flooring. Encourage warmth with subtle reds, express calm with aquatic accents, or evoke awe with luxurious purples.

But whatever you do, don’t overlook this elegant 2019 trend.

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Wood Flooring Trend #3 | Raw and authentic Textures

Authenticity is the keyword for 2019.

Flawless surfaces have fallen by the wayside in favor of more tangible textures. This is because smooth finishes run the risk of feeling clinical and cold, and will ultimately make your interior space appear one dimensional.

Add depth to your room with sculpted wood boards. Hand scraped, brushed, and distressed planks are an excellent way to introduce a variety of tactile sensations underfoot, provoking intrigue and excitement.

Additionally, this enhances the visual aspects of your space, allowing light to be reflected at a multitude of angles. With authentic textures, your home is sure to become the envy of your friends and neighbors!

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