Mar 21, 2019

Tortona Design District this year will be the most technological of Fuorisalone | Milan Design Week 2019 Previews

The very best previews of the Milan Fuorisalone 2019 handpicked by ITALIANBARK


The Milan Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas (design districts) of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place. Tortona is one of the historical districts of Fuorisalone: actually, 18 years ago, here was born the Fuorisalone, as an in-city event of the Salone del Mobile.

The main guests of this edition will be Fabio Novembre and Aldo Cibic, with two special projects. In addition to this, an augmented reality service will be spread all over the district. Let’s see then more in detail what are the previews for the 2019 edition of Fuorisalone in Tortona.


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Tortona Design Week 2019 Previews

The projects of the Tortona Design District

  • An augmented reality technology, developed in collaboration with Sense, immaterial Reality
  • The TDW Infopoints, designed by Alfonso Femia– guest architect of the district- which will be real landmarks. The first Infopoint will be located in the square of Porta Genova, the others along the Via Tortona  (Largo delle Culture and via Stendhal ang. Via Tortona).
  • The new edition of Casello Giallo, a space for contamination and hospitality
  • The Architours, organized by the Tortona Area Lab Association in collaboration with AIM – Metropolitan Interests Association
  • TDW Press Hub by DBOX, a reception area for printing inside the Magna Pars Hotel and Event Space. ITALIANBARK this year is media partner with Tortona Design District.

Aesthetics of vitality by Aldo Cibic

SAVONA 18 SUITES, Via Savona 18

In the spaces, already furnished with his objects, Aldo Cibic with the exhibition Aesthetics of vitality, will insert drawings, photographs and installations. Along with photographs and drawings by the designer, the exhibition will present pieces from Memphis,  new and self-produced furnishings, and  products designed for Paola C., Boffi Brothers, Venini, Slow Wood, Ghidini 1961 and Blumohito installations.

DBOX by Fabio Novembre

Magna Pars, Via Tortona 15

A special space designed by Fabio Novembre. Inside, you will find the projects by ELEPASS, MTV, DRIADE, LAMBORGHINI, HAUSBRAND, POM GLASS, GREGOLIN, NIO, FABER, MADEA, OLMAR, DOMUS ACADEMY, NICHELCROME, SAMMONTANA. In addition to this, the Press Hub.

One Design – One Handle

Torneria Tortona, via Tortona 32

UNION CORPORATION JAPAN, a Japanese company specializing in handles, collaborates with the architect Tsuyoshi Tane of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects, giving life to a suggestive installation One Design – One Handle that recovers the ancient art of sand casting.


Showroom Delta Light + Bocciofila, via Bugatti 13

Delta Light inaugurates its Delta Light Studio Milan, innovative showroom of the multinational lighting brand.


Via Tortona 12

An unique immersive experience called “Honda experience – Casa Connessa Tortona”, in a setting inspired buy the design Concept of Honda e-Prototype.

Superstudio, via Tortona 27


LEXUS presents LEXUS DESIGN EVENT 2019 – Leading with Light: an immersive experience – created by Japanese studio Rhizomatiks – that exploits the technologies of light to show the vision of a future increasingly on a human scale. Together with this, the 6 final projects of the Lexus Design Award.

Other projects within the area of Tortona 


Torneria Tortona, Via Novi 5

IKEA invites you to discover its smart home: a playground where you can interact with lights and sounds through experiences, installations and DJ sets. The great protagonist will be SYMFONISK, a new product developed in collaboration with Sonos for IKEA.

Other projects within the area – TortonaRocks

Superstudio | Via Tortona 27


For Milan design week 2019, Normann Copenhagen will exhibit at the renowned venue of Superstudio Più. The exhibition will take shape as a colorful landscape inspired by the abstract garden designs of Brazilian artist-gardener Roberto Burle Marx.

DESSAULT SYSTÈMES Design in the Age of Experience

An interactive exhibition that reflects the changing world, telling how design and technology can be combined to create a more sustainable, resilient and regenerative world.

Opificio 31 | via Tortona 31

IQOS WORLD Revealed by Alex Chinneck

IQOS, the smoke free product of Philip Morris International, will present the new edition of the IQOS WORLD project presented by Alex Chinneck. This site-specific project will involve the front buildings, at Opificio 31’s entrance. A distinctive feature of the project is the zip, a visual escamotage through which the artist gives rise to a series of surreal opening from which an impalpable light comes out that will involve the audience in an immersive experience. The surfaces of the space are thus designed by the artist as metaphors of an ideal process of transformation: “opening” the physical ability to create a new narrative imagination in his audience.


Belgium is Design

The Belgian expo will highlight a basic issue: the ability for design and designers to make a major change in industrial production, opting for sustainable systems that go beyond the simple product and that aspire to a wider project that transcends mere environmental awareness and that includes politics, the economy, regulations, behaviour and social and human relations that are the foundation of design culture.



The Israeli design collective will give a voice to the composite creative scene in the country, overriding cultural and political boundaries, giving life to a new design identity. The Fuorisalone project presented by ASIA DESIGN MILANO, is the result of a partnership between Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week and Milano Space Makers, to promote the launch of its Milano Asia Design (MAD) brand, a distributor of Asian design in Italy as well as a promoter of Italian design in Asia



Other projects in the area


Via Savona 56

“Affinity in Autonomy: Envisioning the relationship between humans and robotics”


Officina Stendhal, via Stendhal 35

In the year of its centenary, Citroën presents an exhibition curated by Matteo Ragni Studio, within the area of via Stendhal 35. An exhibition itinerary where heritage meets contemporary vision of the French Brand, culminating in a design object inspired by the Citroën logo and signed by the famous Italian designer Matteo Ragni.


In addition to these events, in  Tortona area this year you will also find the Ventura Future district, at the BASE Tortona: read more here


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We are working on an eBook which will recap the Best News, Trends, Exhibits.

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From the last year

Tortona Design Week 2018 Previews

– – –


Superstudio | Via Tortona 27


The big news is that Nendo will be in Tortona this year, with a huge exhibition called “Nendo: forms of movement”.  Over 800 space divided in 10 concepts designed around the idea of movement. I can’t wait to visit it, no doubt this will be amazing as all Nendo’s exhibits in Fuorisalone !

La grande novità è che Nendo sarà a Tortona quest’anno, con una mega mostra intitolata “Nendo: forms of movement”.  Oltre 800 metri quadri articolati in dieci concept, tutti progettati attorno al tema del movimento, con installazioni interattive e di grande effetto. Io non ho dubbi sul fatto che sarà uno degli eventi da non perdere di questo Fuorisalone!

| Do you remember my interview with Oki Sato of Nendo at Milan Fuorisalone 2016 ?


Invisible Outlines by Nendo at Fuorisalone 2017
Invisible Outlines by Nendo at Fuorisalone 2017


For all Japan lovers (as I am!), in Superstudio there will also be an entire enclave of successful companies, start-ups and hubs of promotion of Japanese design. This will include, a poetic installation by light artist Takahiro Matsuo for Kawai, the Yokohama Makers Village, Japan Design Week and Tokyo studio Yoy.

SUPERLOFT by Cappellini

Cappellini will curate an exhibition at Superstudio all dedicated to Made in Italy. The Superloft by Cappellini will be an imaginary yet real home, featuring the most interesting Italian design brands and masters craftsmen. A real superloft, that will also be an International home, to be placed in Paris as well as in New York in Berlin or Shanghai.

– – –


via Tortona 31



For the first year, Norwegian Presence will be in Tortona. The exhibit will feature four craft artists, 10 design studios and six manufacturers (Elementa, Flokk,  Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik, Northern, Objekt, Vestre) together to present objects and prototypes ranging from furniture and textiles to sculpture and installation.

|||  Find all posts from the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Design Week here




12 Swiss companies will showcase the best of contemporary Swiss design, with style and functionality.

Pop up store +d & soil

More Japanese design in Tortona: an eclectic exhibition will showcase the best of Japanese creativity, with more than a hundred products. The objects are normally sold in selected concept stores (for example at the Moma and the Design Museum).

Stellar Works + Neri&Hu

The any / everywhere installation, by the creative directors of the Neri & Hu brand, will create a narrative environment that plays with context and place ideas, to explore how objects define the way we live and stimulate our awareness.


– – –

Other locations in Tortona to be Noted



via Savona 35

The Envisions Dutch colelctive is in my opinion one of the most interesting groups to follow today. This year they will be in Tortona, again in collaboration with Finska, to present the Wood in Process Continuous project: a “spatial experience” that will change our perception of industrial production and wooden objects.

|| We met Envisions at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, remember?


Envisions at the Dutch Design Week 2016


Padiglione Visconti | Via Tortona, 57

Miele will showcase the revolutionary excellence of the brand with the exhibit Creating New Dimensions


Via Savona, 56

Hidden Senses by Sony will be a sensory installation that will invite the public to reactivate the perceptive senses in an invisible technology environment


via Watt 15

Again, talking about Eastern design in Milan! This will be the first edition of the ASIA DESIGN PAVILION, a project sponsored by the City of Milan, which will showcase the best of Asian design coming from the Middle and Far East. The project is located a few minutes from the Tortona area.



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