Jul 22, 2019

TRAVEL TRENDS | Style, Wellness, and Yoga Retreats in Italy 2019

Explore the Italian landscape while experiencing wellness, lifestyle, or yoga retreat in Italy 2019. Read this list of the top 5 best yoga retreats in Italy!


Summer holidays are in full swing! You may be on your way to enjoy some time off or scrambling last minute to plan your ideal trip. How do you decide where to go? Do you consult your growing list of places to go or take a friend’s recommendation? It can take a lot of time planning a holiday, so a new travel trend has been growing, which also makes solo travel much easier and couples or group trips less stressful.


Travel Trend | Yoga Retreats

Retreats take care of your every need and quell your concerns, bringing your personal interests and hobbies together with your holiday This travel trend has become more popular in recent years, as people are looking to maximize the experience around every corner. There are so many different retreat options, from artistic endeavors, detox programs, and culinary workshops to spiritual, fitness, and even silence retreats. Needless to say, there’s something for everyone. To narrow the scope of your search, the best place to start is with location. Since Italian is in our name here at ITALIANBARK, we’ve chosen Italy! Browse our top 5 retreats in Italy for 2019.


5 Best Wellness, Lifestyle, and Yoga Retreats in Italy 2019

1/ Eat.Pray.Move Wellness, Lifestyle, and Yoga Retreats in Italy & Worldwide

New York native Erin Lewis started Eat.Pray.Move 10 years ago, sharing her passions with fellow yogis and travelers. Her exquisite taste and attention to detail create truly unique, extraordinary experiences. Sign up as soon as you can for one of her wellness, creativity, lifestyle, and yoga retreats, which are curated and organized to perfection. Eat Pray Move hosts several yoga retreats in Italy, including options in Puglia, Ischia, Chianti, Venice, and the ever-alluring Amalfi Coast. Itineraries include worldwide destinations in Scotland, Iceland, France, Morocco, South Africa, Indonesia, (Elisabetta’s favorite) Japan, and more! Feel good amid your trip, as the EPM Give Back Initiative donates 10% of profits to humanitarian partners.



Explore more via Eat Pray Move’s Instagram.

2/ Annette Joseph’s Style Workshops & Retreats in Italy

Anyone looking for a secluded and stylish locale to develop your styling or photography skills? . Annette Joseph has opened the doors to her recently renovated 12th century Italian fortress in the scenic Northern Tuscany’s Lunigiana, near Pisa. The American stylist, producer, and author has been living in and flirting with Italy for years (just wait for her upcoming book Italy is My Boyfriend). The sky’s the limit at this beautiful property (you can even get married at La Fortezza!), which sits on 27 acres complete with an organic vineyard. You’ll have everything you need to relax and soak in la dolce vita, plus Annette’s charismatic personality is the cherry (or spritz!) on top of it all.


Discover these styling and photography retreats in action on Instagram @stylephotoworkshops!

3/ Mandali Retreat Center in Italy

Visiting Milan anytime soon? Add on a visit to Mandali Retreats located on Lago d’Orta.
This center was created by two friends, Wouter and Wildrik, committed to cultivating inner peace in a sustainable setting. Mandali was opened in March 2017 and offers 3, 5, or 8 day experiences focused on rejuvenating your spirit, as well as specialized retreats. Their mindful interiors are chic and cozy, perfect for any time of the year.


See more from Mandali Retreats on Instagram


4/ Serenita Wellness Retreats in Italy

It’s all in the name, at Umbria’s Serenita Wellness Center, located on a charming and rustic 15th century farmhouse. Those looking for serenity and peace will certainly find it here at this all-women’s retreat center in Italy. Unplug and refresh your soul with nature and outdoor therapy. It’s not all yoga and meditation though, you can also sign up for their latest edition: an Equine Therapy Retreat. Your retreat includes homemade food, local wine, and a plethora of wellness activities. Your can even take a day trip to Perugia.


Take a look at Serenita Wellness Retreat on Instagram

5/ Hotel Arosea Life Balance’s Luxury Mountain Retreat in Italy

This eco resort in South Tyrol has all of the ingredients for a relaxing and luxurious holiday or wellness retreat. Its position in Northern Italy is off the beaten path, perfect for travelers looking for a new destination. Architecture and interiors lovers will adore this hotel, which was inspired by both Swiss and Italian charm. Natural materials of slate, sheep wool, and Swiss pine make this spot perfect year-round retreats.

Scroll images of this beautiful hotel and retreat center on Instagram


Are you interested in any of these fantastic wellness and yoga retreats in Italy? Let us know which you would be most curious to experience!

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