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ITALIAN DESIGN | Snaidero blogtour

I must confess you this. I didn’t know where to start in our Snaidero blogtour report: so many things to say and pics to show.

And I’ve decided to take this picture of Ola20 “leg”as starting point, yet as symbol, of all my story of what I’ve learnt during my visit to Snaidero HQ. I’m talking about one element of Ola20 kitchen, one of the most popular Snaidero models (yes, the one Brad and Angelina have chosen for their home), designed by Pininfarina as the contemporary evolution of the first Ola, kitchen icon of the 90s.

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ola20 snaidero - blogtour @italianbark

Ola 20 – white nordic

I’ve chosen this element of Ola20 (that you see in first picture, upside down on a carpenter table) because it recaps all those features that make Snaidero unique in its field.

I already know about them, but actually seeing with first hand is much different than reading on magazines and websites. And this is the aim of #conoscisnaidero , the initiative which opens the factory doors to visitors and clients, who can see with their own eyes how kitchens are created, since the very first stage.

And I can sum up all those Snaidero features in the following points, even if I would need ten post to complete the topic 😉





Made in Italy (& in Friuli)

made in italy - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkmade in italy - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbark


In these 65 years, Snaidero kitchen have been designed only by Italian designers and architects. But this is just one side of what a real made in Italy means.

Here in Snaidero made in Italy means everything: from design, to production, till the own factory, which is still located in this small town near Udine, in this historical period when everybody relocated factories outside Italy. The factory, that we had the chance to visit, is 150000 mt and full of machineries and labours; from here, they ship to every country of the world, but the devotion to the hometown is evident everywhere, even in the shipping boxes.




Design “a tutto tondo”:

nelle cucine….

ola - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkola - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarksnaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbark

acropolis - sede mangiarotti - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkacropolis - sede mangiarotti - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbark


Ola “leg” (alias, the table top support) is a sculptural object and Pininfarina signature, but it is also symbol of curve design, Snaidero hallmark. The curve is the union of aesthetics and function, it is the result of an ergonomic research leaded over the years to the consumers’ point of view. In this regard, substantial the example of Skylinelab, a project dedicated to people with disabilities.

The kitchen you see in the last two pics is Acropolis, another kitchen designed by Pininfarina, another symbol of curves and innovation: it is a concentric kitchen designed to stay inside the room, and to become the real hub of the house. Here, many technological materials such as steel and aluminum, together with high-tech solutions… if you think that this kitchen is almost twenty years old, you will understand the meaning of a long-lasting design.


….and in the HQ


sede mangiarotti - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkmade in italy - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarksede mangiarotti - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarksede mangiarotti - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbark


Majano HQ have been designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in the 70s, and their visit is an unique experience itself.

In 1973, it was absolutely unconventional that someone invested so much money in the design of a factory…now we are used to see many companies which invest in the design of their own offices, but almost 50 years ago this was something really out of the ordinary. Here, below the factory, there are even some tunnels that connects the HQ different parts… And even the canteen chairs are design ones, by Kartell, they are beautiful and durable as Snaidero kitchens are.





dettagli - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkmade in italy - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbark

I would need one post just to tell you about Snaidero kitchen details.

Here, just some samples: the handles integrated in the door, sharp or rounded edges, the  suspended effect of the bases. Snaidero has been one of the first company to use laser tecnology instead than traditional sticking, that prevents laminate joints, reducing those aesthetic defects due to traditional gluing.

The key thing here is that the same care is given to the more expensive, up to the cheapest kitchens: the details are different, but quality and care in the individual parts are the same. This, gives me hope, maybe one day I may have one of those kicthens:)



Innovation and Tradition

Video by ©Snaidero

This is the video of Ola leg creation, made of laminated wood, and shaped by hand by Snaidro carpenters.

Here in Snaidero machineries and people work together: there’s even a carpentry school, in which the ex-workers keep working with wood, and they teach their own art to new generations. Another sample, painting: element are not painted just by machineries, but by people as well. I’m referring to a special finish (the lacquering mica), that for curved parts is done entirely by hand.

(do not believe in me? Just have a look at the end …)


Other than Ola…

Code - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaidero @italianbarkcode dettaglio - Code - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaideroorange - snaidero blogtour #conoscisnaiderosnaidero blogtour #conoscisnaideroIMG_3948

Not just Ola20, there were many other kitchens that have attacted my attention in Snaidero showroom. First, Code and Orange evolution (do you remember? I’ve seen them last year at iSaloni, and talked about them here ): we met their designer, Michele Marcon, who showed us his sketches and explained many details. Needless to say, Code evolution, with its rough finishes and industrial look, is my fav one.




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