Oct 17, 2023


Eco Well-being is one of the 9 trend themes developed for 2023/24 in 2021 as part of the trend forecasting 2024 services. Be inspired in this post.

Trend forecasting is the process of researching and analyzing consumers habit, to provide designers’ and brands a vision of the future. In fact, by knowing what will be relevant in the years to come, what trends will last and what are just passing, they can make wiser choices and create products that sell more – because they will meet customers’ tastes and needs.

Part of my work, other then identifying and researching about macro trends together with other researches and experts, is then translating these into tangible interiors and design directions – in the form of CMF ( color, material, finishes ) analysis.

In this post, I’m sharing one of the nine trend themes developed for 2023 back in 2021 in collaboration with SOMA_studiomilano, as part of a 2-years trend forecasting service for brands ( more at this link ).

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Trend forecasting 2024 / TREND THEME #04

Eco Well-being


Eco well-being is a response to humankind’s alienation from Nature due to uncontrolled and excessive progress. With threats imposed by climate change, global pandemic, and economic recession, acknowledging and respecting Nature has never been so important.

The rise of the circular economy and circular design, the growing role of biophilia within interior design and architecture and the appreciation for a more natural and imperfect aesthetic are shaping a new sort of well-being. Eco well- being is about living a more sustainable and circular lifestyle bringing Nature inside our homes, and ultimately welcoming the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” state of things.

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Eco Well-Being colors inspiration comes from natural landscapes and seasonal changes, expressed in greens, browns, and beige variations. Forest, moss, and sage green are combined with dark warm neutrals such as browns, beige, terracotta and desert gold and complemented by touches of light grey.

This color palette reflects the natural passage of time and natural cycles, inviting us to slow down, contemplate and connect with the natural world.


ECO WELL-BEING / finishes and materials

Eco Well-being finishes and materials help us reconcile with nature and live in symbiosis with it. They drive sustainable innovation with designers exploring industrial waste, biomaterials, and living organisms.

Recovered ocean plastic waste gives life to tiles and furniture; mycelium is used to create bio-based leather and fabrics. Cellulosic waste and all kinds of organic surpluses serve as a resource to create sustainable surfaces, alternative ceramics, partition boards, and bioplastic films. Finishes follow materials and therefore favor natural and non- hazardous processes as well as handcrafted finishing techniques.



ECO WELL-BEING / forms and shapes

Eco Well-being forms and shapes are inspired by nature and natural phenomena. There is a predominance of organic contours that draw inspiration from ocean waves, rock formations, and even biology. The influence of organic architecture and biomimicry design are key to eco well-being forms & shapes.

This trend theme is part of the “THE GREAT REBIRTH” macro trend, celebrating nature in various ways. Rescue heritage by incorporating traditional craftsmanship and raw, less processed materials and finishing. Choose regenerative materials and focus on products lifecycle. Explore biophilic design with natural shapes, colors and patterns that mimic the natural world. Explore handmade, soft and tactile materials and surfaces to promote sensorial experiences and opportunity for cocooning.

*This research has been developed in 2021 in collaboration with SOMA_studiomilano


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