Nov 10, 2022

TREND TALKS | Speaking about the next Color Trends in Brno

I’m just back from some days in the Czech Republic, where I was invited as a speaker to the Interiery conference in Brno. 


My talk was about color trends – more than just the colors of next year, it was about the color trends of this decade and what I think will be relevant in the next years when talking about colors and design.

I started making a throwback on how the color trends changed during the last decades from the 60s to now. Then I shared 4 color trends with color specifications and samples from the fairs in Milan and Paris, trends that I think will be relevant in the next years. I also explained the reason behind them – which has to be found in a change of tastes, of behaviors, also in the problems we are facing in these last years.

I also shared about some innovations in the color technology, that are also hopefully going to help our environment, as I think that talking about color trends and trends in general now must also include these topics. 

There were more than 500 people attending and it has been really exciting for me to talk in front such a big audience of students and professionals.

Will be sharing soon more on these topics – in the meantime, if you want to get an update on the design trends of the next year, you can have a look at the free webinar: Design Trends 2023 on the trend platform here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with me on the comments area in the page or via Instagram!

Photos by Konterence Interiery

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