Mar 7, 2023

TRENDBARK | issue 03/23

In the third issue of TRENDBARK we are knowing more about new ways to design while helping the planet too.

Starting from circular design to anthropocene, greenwashing, greenhushing, eco-aesthetics, biomaterials, biomimicry  – lots are the concepts to know now for a more conscious way of living, designing and communicating. Even influencers in 2023 are turning into eco-influencers, giving voice to the planet issues. 

As much as some topics may sound new in some parts of the world – there is one which constantly stayed rooted in the respect of nature first, since its beginnings. That’s the case of Scandinavia and its design tradition, which may change over the decades but will always be the best example of how beautiful things can also be sustainable.  

In this issue we are exploring more in depth also about the latest trends from Scandinavia.

TRENDBARK is available under subscription to our new trend program here and published once a month.

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