Aug 10, 2023

TRENDBARK | issue 07/23

If you are wondering what’s the point of creating picture perfect interiors, or emulating social media houses, or decorating according to trends – well, you are not alone. 

Interior design in fact is much more than creating perfect interiors, or decorating according to trends, or emulating the houses of influencers. Interior design is about improving people’s wellbeing – creating spaces to make them feel comfortable. Through materials, smells, sounds, sustainable choices, colors. There is even a rising science which studies this. 

In TRENDBARK issue 07/23 we are exploring more about this and all those trends and innovations about making people feel good.

To me feeling good also means sun and Mediterranean atmospheres. That’s why in this issue you will find also one part entirely dedicated to the outdoors, to summer color trends, and to true Mediterranean style. 



TRENDBARK is a unique monthly trend resource created for brands and professionals to give valuable and actionable directions for future projects, product developments and interiors, thanks to an understanding of trends before they become mainstream.

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