Oct 25, 2023

TRENDBARK | issue 09/23

I’m very happy to tell you that the new issue of TRENDBARK is now online and available for all subscribers.

In TRENDBARK issue 09/23 we are exploring more about the concept of HYBRID.

If you think about it, hybridization is everywhere: it’s in the combination of two different energy systems, it’s the melting pot of cultures, it’s in the daily mix between digital and physical words, it is in our houses that also became places where to work. 

Starting from the hybrid macro trend, we are exploring the concepts of multifunctional design, of digital cozy, of semi-open plans – all solutions that are intended to improve our daily lives in a smart way. 


Sedus HQ


We are also seeing how an evergreen style – the industrial one – is changing and turning into a new inspiring aesthetic which is all about matching and balancing opposites together. 

In this issue, there are then two big parts all dedicated to decor and creativity: a collection of all the COTY ( Colors of the Year ) for 2024 and a curation of the next pattern trends, as seen at the last Maison&Objet + Paris Design Week. 

Discover more in the last issue of TRENDBARK – available only upon subscription,at this link.


Maison et Objet “Pattern Factory” by Elizabeth Leriche ©AETHION



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