Mar 6, 2024

MEMBERS’ SPOTLIGHT | Beth Gardner, Copywriter for interior&design brands

Members’ Spotlight is a space dedicated to the members’ of TRENDBARK. Meet and connect with professionals in the interior&design industries from all over the world.

Interview with Beth Gardner, copywriter for interior and design brands from UK living in Milan.


1. Hello Beth! Can you share with us a bit about who you are and what’s your business about

I’m Beth, an interior design copy and content writer. I mainly support small business owners, helping them market their services consistently so they’re always getting customers through the door. I’m based in Cheshire in the UK, but I used to live and work in Italy, so I have clients in Milan too.

2. Your background and how you got started in your field?

When I lived in Italy, I worked as a marketing manager for a global organization. But in 2016 I decided to take the plunge and set up my own business. Initially, I did a mix of translation and copy/content writing, but after crafting thousands of product descriptions for Houzz, I decided to niche down and focus on copy and content writing for the interior design industry.

3. What are some of the key skills or expertise you bring to your profession or industry?

When I create content or copy for my clients, I write in their unique voice. This means that their content sounds just like them even though it’s been written by me. I know exactly what it’s like to be a small business owner. Between client projects, admin and marketing, there’s too much to do, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose what makes you unique by outsourcing. I allow my clients to keep their unique brand voice and market their business consistently while freeing up time for what they do best.

4. Can you tell us about an upcoming project/service you are planning to launch?

I’ve just started working on an ebook that I’m hoping will be ready at some point this year. It’s all about creating a strong connection with your audience. I’m also in the process of setting up my email list to help me connect better with my own audience. In Italian, there’s a saying about the cobbler with the broken shoes, and that’s how I feel about my marketing right now!

5. What inspired you to join TRENDBARK community&membership?

Since I’m specialised in interior design, it’s really important to me that I keep on top of what’s happening in the industry. This way, I’m always able to write well-researched content that’s aware of the trends, the styles, and what’s new. I’d normally spend around 3 hours a week on interior design research, but last year I didn’t have that kind of time. My little boy was born in the February, and I was so grateful for the TRENDBARK magazines to keep me up to date with everything that was going on in the world of interior design.

6. How do you see your industry evolving in the future, and how do you plan to adapt?

While I was away on maternity leave, AI made some huge strides forward and everyone seemed to be talking about ChatGPT. Although AI can be great in some circumstances, if you want to stand out in your marketing and really connect with people, you still need the human touch. The latest developments have inspired me to be braver in my own marketing but also even more creative for my clients. I want it to be obvious that the content I write has been crafted by a person and not a machine.
As for the interior design industry, sustainability is an area that’s becoming increasingly important. I’m dedicating a lot of my content research to this field as it’s something that my customers will need to embrace moving forwards.

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Cover: Nadine Shaabana via Unsplash

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