Mar 26, 2024

TRENDBARKmag | issue 03/24

This month on TRENDBARK we’re delving deeper into the realm of generative AI.

Technophobia is the fear or avoidance of new technology. 

Back in the 18th century, people dreaded the printing press, fearing it would spread misinformation. Then in the 19th century, the railroad sparked fears of disrupting traditional lifestyles. Fast forward to the 20th century, and the computer stirred worries of widespread job loss. Sounds familiar? We all fear what we don’t understand, it’s totally normal. 

Enjoy this new issue all about Generative AI – but also, style trends for the year, natural dyes, 3d print designs to note, vinyl record, dunecore, and much more. 

Enjoy reading! 💫

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