Sep 21, 2021

TRENDING COLORS 2022 | 4 new palettes to decorate home with color 

Looking for some inspiration about the trending colors for 2022 ?


Starting from the new color of the year 2022 Bright Skies™, we are sharing today 4 inspiring color palettes for interiors which are perfect to restyle home for the next year.

In fact, all these 4 color palettes are the result of a trend studio made by a team of experts from Dulux, to translate into colors the most relevant trends we are seeing in interiors now.

In the last year and a half, our lives changed a lot and, as a consequence, our homes also are changing. Correct color choices can help to embrace these changes in the right way, and make them an opportunity to create a better home environment.

Be inspired!

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4 new palettes to decorate home with color

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Bring the outside in with the Greenhouse palette



In the Greenhouse palette, Bright Skies™ is paired with trend-led greens and blues to bring the positive effects of nature into home.

A cosy and soft palette inspired by the natural world around us, from mossy greens to natural neutrals, perfect for rural locations but also to bring nature inside urban spaces.

Paint the ceiling in sky blue to give a fresh restyle to a bedroom, or decorate your living room with a color block decor by matching the hues of this palette: these colour combination is created to bring in the positive effects of nature.

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2 /

Escape the everyday with soft and airy Studio colours



Studio color palette is perfect to create a soothing space where you can recharge and feel inspired. Here, Bright SkiesTM is paired with warm neutrals and soft colors with pink and red undertones, to create creative and cosy interiors.

In fact, these colors are perfect to create focal points, with pastel colors that enhance our creativity. Yet, they are perfect to decorate home offices, workspaces, playrooms.

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3 /

Create a fun and multi-functional space with Workshop colours



The Workshop palette is inspired by the actual need of creating multifunctional spaces, like living rooms which become also playgrounds for kids, offices for smart working, sitting rooms where to relax.

In fact, the palette brings together Bright SkiesTM with vibrant and joyful colours to create an inspirational backdrop for any activity. They can be used for zoning in an open-plan space or creating a flow between two adjoining rooms, or to a splash of personality to your space, whether they’re used individually or as colour combinations.

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4 /

Experiment with Salon colours 



The Salon palette is a combination of soft whites and light neutrals that can provide the perfect blank canvas for your daily life. They are paired with Bright SkiesTM, to create a space which is neutral but at the same time trendy and creative.

The colors of this palette make a great starting point for any look because they go well with everything. A collection of soft whites and light neutrals, to be saved as the perfect inspiration for those who are looking for the perfect white and neutrals.

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