Nov 12, 2018

COLOR TRENDS | ColourFutures Unveils Colour of the Year 2019

Most everyone is familiar with the Pantone Color of the Year (2018: Ultra Violet), but have you heard of the ColourFutures Colour of the Year? ColourFutures has been focused on the evolution of color trends since its establishment in 2004. Past colors of the year have included Ochre Gold (2016), Denim Drift (2017), and Heart Wood (2018).

On the behalf of ITALIANBARK, I recently attended a presentation highlighting color trends for 2019, including the ColourFutures Colour of the Year at Microsoft House in Milan.


Microsoft House in Milan – Image courtesy of Fondazione Feltrinelli, photo by Filippo Romano

Color Trends – ColourFutures 2019

AkzoNobel is a Dutch company dedicated to the craft of paints and coatings. Their multinational brands include Dulux and Sikkens. They also include the Global Aesthetic Center, which handles their color trend analysis, research, design, and development. GAC is steered by Creative Director Heleen van Gent, who works together with the creative team to analyze global trends in society and design in order to provide colors and palettes for home interiors. AkzoNobel and Sikkens partnered with Brera Design Days to present ColourFutures 2019.


“Every year, we create a series of diverse palettes around one central Colour of the Year – our stand-out shade that perfectly captures the mood of the moment.”Heleen van Gent


During the presentation, Heleen van Gent described the process of forecasting this year’s color. The color is selected after intensive research into global trends, insights, and consumer behavior. A cast of independent designers, architects, color creatives, and trend professionals are chosen to forecast design and color trends. Later, they pool together their findings during a 3-day trend forecasting session in Amsterdam. The unique backgrounds and international locations provide the team a diverse and holistic perspective. Their insights develop a sense of the world in order to best depict the moods into paint colors that will be best for consumers and home interiors.

… and the ColourFutures 2019 Colour of the Year is Spiced Honey



Spiced Honey has a warm amber tone that perfectly captures our Let the Light intheme. It can be calming and nourishing or more stimulating and energizing, depending on the light and colours surrounding it. Truly versatile and contemporary, our Colour of the Year for 2019 complements a broad spectrum of life and interiors styles and is the ideal choice for reflecting our new sense of optimism.”


This year’s color (Spiced Honey), theme (Let the Light in), and mood (optimism) can be embraced in any home interior space, whether as a wall paint or through statement pieces of furniture and accessories.




ColourFutures 2019 Palettes

The idea behind ColourFutures is to embrace the ever-changing global atmosphere through colors. Alongside Spiced Honey, there are also four unique color palettes to refresh and uplift your living space for the year ahead. All of the palettes work around the central color of the year.


The ColourFutures 2019 palettes are: a space to THINK with warm neutrals, a space to DREAM with soft pastels, a space to LOVE with intense pigments, and a space to ACT with bold brights. These palettes are interpreted through the mood and theme, allowing you to easily imagine how to use the color of the year in your home interiors or design project.



Will you bring Spiced Honey shades or accents into your home interiors this year? How about any of the ColourFutures 2019 palettes? Or, are you patiently awaiting the Pantone color of the year announcement in December?

Let us know what you find inspiring!



PS: Speaking of color trends – huge congratulations to Elisabetta, as ITALIANBARK won the Best Colour Inspiration Blog International at Amara Interior Blog Awards in London!! Read about her reaction here and check out some of her past color trends articles from Milan Design Week, on Pantone moods, and sharing interior décor ideas.

All photos courtesy of AkzoNobel unless otherwise noted

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COLOUR TRENDS | Color of the year 2019 for Interiors by ColourFutures

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