May 17, 2023

COLOR TRENDS 2024 | Decorating with Turquoise

If you are looking for an update on the color trends for interiors for the next year, these series of “Color Trends 2024” posts are created for you. 

Exploring more about beautiful turquoise, also known as “Tiffany Blue“.

Turquoise Color trend 2024

Color codes

hex: #81d8d0; PANTONE: PMS 1837 C

An iconic color in itself, “Tiffany Blue” is the brand’s trademark color since the year 1845– the colloquial name for the robin egg blue linked to the jewelry company spearheaded by Charles Tiffany and John Young in 1837. It is fresh and cool to the eyes, a vibrant blue shade that speaks of optimism and grace. 

With the Tiffany blue representing the luxury brand, the sight of it evokes timelessness, class, and delight. It is often mistaken for teal (which bears a different, slightly darker color) and sometimes regarded as blue– when the RGB color readings show that it actually leans towards green rather than the blue spectrum. 

But despite the years-long use of the Tiffany Blue color, it was not until the year 2001 when the luxury brand contacted Pantone, and proposed to standardize the iconic shade in becoming a legal asset of their own right. Tiffany & Co. wanted to make sure the color, wherever medium or premise it is used in, is reminiscent of the luxury brand itself. 

Originally referred to as “1837 Blue”, it is now a trademark of Tiffany & Co., and they own full legal rights therefore it is not publicly available in printed Pantone Matching System swatch books. 


Turquoise color trend

as seen at the Milan Design Week 2024

In the Art of Lighting exhibit by Elle Decor Italia, Giuliano Andrea dell’Uva Architetti together with Metis Lighting  showcased different uses of lighting in interior spaces. Divided into several different areas, the living room was a mix of Seventies design and transparencies, in a palette of off whites, turquoises and natural green.


Born from the idea of solidifying water into furniture, A’mare by Edra is totally inspired by sea and water. Handmade with polycarbonate sticks, deliberately irregular to obtain heterogeneous surface and create the effect of the water surface when hit by the sun.

Ralik by Arper – design by Ichiro Iwasaki, is a new modular sofa celebrating fluidity with endless layout solutions and colours.

Designed by Elisa Ossino, Dieffebi stand at Salone del Mobile 2023 was all centered around color.

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