Mar 6, 2019

Ventura Future will be at Tortona this year | Milan Fuorisalone 2019 Previews

The very best of the Milan Fuorisalone 2019 handpicked by ITALIANBARK

The Milan Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas (design districts) of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazionale del Mobile takes place.

Ventura Future is one of my favorite districts: the perfect place where to spot new designers and independent projects from different countries. The news is that for the upcoming Fuorisalone 2019, Ventura Future will be located in Tortona, exactly at the BASE building.


This is also the 10th anniversary of Ventura Projects.

Ventura Projects are curated exhibition areas – organized by Utrecht- and Milan-based company Organisation in Design – that cover the latest developments in contemporary design. Ventura Projects stand out with their focus on content, creativity, and experimentation. The start was with Ventura Lambrate in Milan in 2010. Now, Ventura Projects expanded worldwide, including exhibitions in Milan, Berlin, London, Kortrijk, New York, and Dubai.

This year, is media partner with Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale districts!

But the BIG news about Ventura Future 2019 is actually another:

to enter at BASE Tortona, you have to pay a ticket.

It’s a symbolic ticket of 5€ but this is quite a big change in people’s mind, since Fuorisalone has always been for free. I have heard so many contrasting opinions about this point. Some Italian colleagues say that Fuorisalone has always been a set of free design events and this is totally against the philosophy of MDW. Some others – as I think – believe this is a good idea for raising the level of the exhibit and of the public, because only those who are really interested will pay the ticket. Generally talking, I tend to welcome new things and changes in a positive way and I don’t believe that something is right just because it “has always been like that”.

BTW, what’s for sure, is that now we all have BIG expectations!

Buy the ticket for Ventura Future here
Let’s see now together more in detail the previews from Ventura Future at Fuorisalone 2019.

| Discover the Ventura Centrale 2019 previews here

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un-Murakoshi, Equilibrium


Ventura Future 2019 Previews | Anteprime Fuorisalone 2019


Topics and designers

This year again Ventura Future will host innovative projects and designs that address social issues. I browsed the previews and spotted some common topics:

  • Food, society & well-being : the work by Mexican Isabelle Sanchez Jacques will invite the public to consume homemade Mexican dishes while listening to anecdotal stories from migrant workers, thereby questioning issues like heritage and intolerance between cultures; SOM tales of perfume will present a fragrant experience, where the visitor will be treated to a deconstructed personal scent expedition; Amalia Shem Tov studied the primary process of preparing food, through a series of raw tools and materials. “THE CURE” (HEAVENLY PIE(A)CES) by Richard Yasmine is a series of unconventional, serene yet hypnotizing white on white design objects for well-being.
Amalia-Shem-Tov, ROOTS


  • Circular design : in the collection Collection, Diederik Schneemann  searches for discarded unique collections – from matchboxes to perfume bottles – that he transforms into new objects, telling stories of memories; Mjo Thabisa of Mash.T Design Studio is paying homage instead to the women in South Africa, showing their usage of simple materials and old craft skills in contemporary designs; Remake Ceramics by Fabrique Publique reuses discarded pieces to create new ceramics; Kindof, by Ghielmi +Negrini, is a collection of furniture made of steel rebar, made from waste or scrap material.
  • Biodesign: another topic will be biodesign. Especially, in the project Future (H)eart(H): 7 Dutch Design visions for a livable earth , with the support of the Embassy and the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Milan and curated by Organisation in Design: seven projects will show the latest developments in bio and conscious design.



  • Design Academies

The district is finally also well known for hosting some of the most interesting design academies at present. This year there will be, for example, the Institute of Industrial Design (Switzerland) , Central Saint Martins (UK), Royal College of Arts (UK), UMPRUM (Czech Republic), University of Iowa 3D Design Program (US), Design School Kolding (Denmark).



|| Have a look at the complete list of Ventura Future 2019 exhibitors here

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We are working on an eBook which will recap the Best News, Trends, Exhibits.

Browse in the Fuorisalone 2019 Map



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