Jan 14, 2015

DESIGN TRAVELS | Visit Vienna in 3 days ( part 1)

Visit Vienna in 3 days : itinerary and tips


Visiting Vienna in three days? That’s to say a long weekend, the time that often we have to visit a new city, and that’s the time I’ve spent in Vienna even if I have to tell you that it would take more time for visiting well this beautiful city, and the selection of things to see has been really hard!

I’m sharing with you here the program we have followed in our three days, even if I think that the choice of what to see or not is something very personal.. but it’s a selection that has necessarily to be made in a large capital city like Vienna, which boasts a number of museums that has nothing to envy to many other European cities. I personally love contemporary art and architecture, that’s why I’ve given some space to those sides of the city that perhaps a more classical tour of the city does not consider


 vienna travel guide

Vienna is so perfect, clean and tidy, and so lavish in its architecture, than at very first sight hasn’t met my tastes, wich are oriented to more informal and colored”places… So many plaster decor here in Vienna, so few exposed brick walls... and the pink dog at the beginning was quite lost. But during this long weekend in Vienna, the city has been able to seduce me with its Christmas lights, with the works of so many artists, with a colorful market, with a huge area dedicated to museums.

Here is my selection of photos and places that I have visited in Vienna in three days,

I hope it can be a useful starting point for your visit as well!

Visit Vienna in 3 days

 itinerary and tips




vienna in 3 days - day 0 map - innere stadt

We decided to start our visit of the city (we arrived in the afternoon, by car it’s almost six hours including two stops) from the central area, Innere Stadt: amazing, with all those Christmas lights (1-2 ), and with the symbol of Vienna, Stephandsom, that’s visible from many points of the city centre (3).
We got lost a little bit through the streets, before entering in the Stephandsom Cathedral (only a small part of the huge interior was open to the public).
A small deviation for a must-seen then, the Loos American Bar (4) (also known as Loos Bar), designed by Adolf Loos in 1908 and an example of great modernity: the interior is a magic place, tiny but all covered with big mirrors, and it really seems to have made a splash right at the beginning of the 19th century. And here at Loos Bar you can not take photos, fortunately;)
For our first beer here in Vienna we chose a place with an amazing panoramic view towards Stephandsom (5), the Sky Bar : located on the top floor of Steffl mall (maybe just avoid taking the elevator on the front, glass, if you suffer from vertigo!)… I would say, definetely not bad 🙂
For dinner, we headed to the Northern part of the Innere Stadt district, which is full of bars and restaurants, and of hidden courtyards... here by chance we found a small restaurant, EF16, which I recommend for food and service (6).
vienna in 3 days - loos american bar

Visit Vienna in 3 days : itinerary and tips




We start the day with a breakfast that’s not Viennese at all, at Starbuck’s 😉
With a nice view towards the Opera, and a road with cars and coaches just in front of us

Day 2 part 1a

vienna in 3 days - day 1 map - hofburg
That’s incredible, the sky is sunny and bright blue, and we feel quite ridiculous in our snow outfit today…We start the day with a great classic, the Hofburg.

We decide to visit the Albertina first (and it has been a good idea to start with it earlier in the morning, that’s what we thought while observing the row for tickets when we left), attracted by Mirò exhibition. We enjoied it, it’s a good compromise between a contemporary art museum and an imperial era palace (1,2).

Then, we head towards the Hofburg, the symbol of the Habsburg power and of the imperial Vienna…(3) but actually we only saw it from outside (that’s the selection I talked about at the beginning, we decided not to visit the interior… even if now I’m a little a bit regretted that we haven’t visited the Kaiserappartments)…

The whole area is beautiful (just a little bit of horses smell, the only snag), from Michaelerplatz (where you have to admire the Looshaus (4), that’s to say the manifest of Adolf Loos war against the ornaments of that time), to the Graben, the first pedestrian street in the center of Vienna (you can find Loos here as well, in his beautiful public toilets builted in far 1905).

We went for a quick lunch then in a typical hot dog stand right in front of the Albertina, the Bitzinger Wurstelstand (5), then had some rest and an hot coffee under the palm trees at the Palmenhaus (that I’ve already shown you few days ago)…


vienna in 3 days - albertina

day 2 part 2

vienna in 3 days - day 1b map - museumquarter neubau
I am a little bit bored by all those imperial palaces, and in the early afternoon we decide to leave the city center and to visit the Southern part of the city, and it was love at first sight…
Let’s start this area with the Secession (1), the pavilion with its distinctive golden dome designed by Joseph Maria Olbrich…this is, for all those who have studied architecture like me, one of those buildings you’ve studied thousand times…
The real surprise for us however is located a little bit Southern than Secession and it’s called Nashmarkt (2,3): this is the most famous market of Vienna, with almost 120 stalls of all kinds, full of spices, colors, murals, it looks like a small piece of London relocated in Vienna. Needless to say, I would have spent wandering here all afternoon 🙂
But Vienna is huge and time is pressing, so we moved to the nearest Mariahilf neighborough (remember to have a break at Cafe Sperl (4), if you pass through here), with a pleasant pedestrian promenade in a Mariahilfer Str, so full of people (it’s Saturday afternoon!) and of shops.
Even if we discovered the best shops in the Neubau (5,6), a small area at the end of Mariahilfer Str, with so many original and eclectic shops …
[quote]mistake nr 1 : here is not Italy, and shops close at 5pm on Saturday! (OMG) [/quote]
Second part of the afternoon…in a wonderful area, the Museum Quarter.
We got there from a side entrance from the South side, instead than from classic main entrance in Ringstrasse….with great surprise, and some small ladders, we found ourself between the roofs of Vienna (7), to get then off right in the middle of the main square. Here, you will find many museums, we choose to visit the Mumok (attracted by its singular architecture, with all that grey -8), just after having taken a break in the Kantine, a nice coffee bar inside the MuseumQuartier.
After such an intense day, our total coma has been temporaly revived by a Viennese steak…then the oblivion: O
[quote]mistake nr 2 : here is not Italy, they have dinner early, we really thought we could find somewhere decent where to have dinner at 9 30 pm? [/quote]

day 2, finished.

vienna in 3 days



+ see you here for second part of our trip in Vienna

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