Nov 19, 2020

SHOP IT | A Warm Minimalist Living Room Design in Brown

Warm minimalist living room decor ideas in the Brown Color Trend


Once a hard sell, brown is becoming one of the fastest growing colour trends of the moment.

Tobacco brown, chocolate brown, and even Tudor brown, that we used to associate with all things tired and flat, feel new again and ready for the taking!

But first: Why is the Brown colour so hot in 2020/2021?


The answer is rather simple – as the world is changing before our eyes, we seek comfort in the familiar. If you had to pick a single colour to describe the word nostalgia, the chances are it would be brown

The colour brown feels warm and reassuring. Like a warm cup of tea, or a coffee. It reminds us of the simple days when the future didn’t seem as blurry and uncertain. It stands for stability and strength of the natural world and empowers a deeper connection with the great outdoors. We feel drawn to the tobacco brown colour trend because it offers us the comfort and safety of a personal sanctuary. Grounded and calm, it empowers mindfulness and slow moments.

However, depending on the colour scheme, the tobacco brown is very much open to different interpretations. Paired with rich heritage colours, it is a welcome guest in the luxury hospitality sector. 

The common colour combos these days include pairing brown with black, orange, pale pink, yellow, red, blue, mauve and a variety of different shades of brown.

Inspired by the Dulux colour of the year 2021 – Brave Ground, this new mood board explores the thin line between warm minimalism and opulence. An eclectic date of Scandinavian and American design, this concept features many popular interior trends – rich finishes, curvy sofa, art deco-inspired buffet, organic textures, dried flowers, handmade decor and a seductive touch of the Bauhaus aesthetic.

The result is a warm minimalist living room design, inspired by the tobacco brown color trend.

What’s your favourite piece of this puzzle?


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A Warm Minimalist Living room in Brown

Tobacco brown furniture and decor / Moodboard


Mood board made with SampleBoard



Warm Minimalist Decor Ideas

Tobacco brown furniture and decor / Shoplist

  1. Up down sconce, In common with | approx 320 euros
  2. Reform 2 art print, Wall of art | approx 33 euros
  3. Ceiling lamp, Schalling | price upon request
  4. Hand-carved Samuel Buffet, Anthropology | approx 1020 euros
  5. Pottery 114 art print, Wall of art | approx 29 euros
  6. Pierre Augustin Rose sofa, Studio Twenty Seven | price upon request
  7. Snug candle holder raw travertine, The Fine Store | 120 euros
  8. Ardent club chair, Kelly Wearstler | approx 7000 euros
  9. Triptych nesting table, Artilleriet | approx 770 euros
  10. Ceramic serving bowl in natural, Hasami Porcelain | approx 40 euro
  11. Lemieux et cie by Momeni Goubi rug, Lulu and Georgia | approx 300 euros
  12. Royal crown derby, Harrods | approx 18 euros
  13. Kubik design C.R.&S., Riva 1920 | price upon request
  14. Graffito Linen/Onyx pillow covers, Stuck on Hue | approx 40 euros
  15. What remains stoneware, Tania Rolland | price upon request
  16. Solid La Jolla basket, Serena & Lily | approx 75 euros


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