Feb 18, 2022

WEDDING TIPS | How To Use A Mindmap Maker To Plan Your Wedding

So you’re getting married, congratulations!

Now comes the joys of planning your perfect wedding. Chances are you already know who’s doing your catering, what kind of flowers will be in the bouquet and how many toilets there should be for that awkward moment during speeches when everyone suddenly needs to go at once. But what about putting all the details together in a way that makes sense?

What planner does the job for you when you need it most? Mind mapping! You’ve heard of mindmaps but you’ve never tried creating one before. This article explains why using your mindmap maker to plan your wedding is the smartest thing you can do.


Mind mapping – What Is It?

For those of you that don’t know what a mindmap is, let me explain. Mindmapping is the process of taking relevant information and placing it in sequential order to visualize relationships between things. It’s not just for planning, though. We all think in terms of what we put into the structure of our mind map template and when we’re with the flow of task at hand, our mind map examples go where they need to (Flett & Mayer, 2003).


What Mindmap Maker Should I Use?

So what does this mean for you and your wedding planning process? It means that if you want to make sense of everything in one place, mind mapping is the way to go.




The great thing is, you have a choice of which mindmap maker to use. There are loads available online for free so there’s no need to spend ages looking through them all. If you want something quick and simple, the free version of Venngage is perfect as it comes with what you need right out of the box. If you want more features, access to hundreds of templates, amazing graphs, and extra mind mapping tools, check out Venngage Premium which is perfect for getting the job done quickly and easily.



Wedding styling: ITALIANBARK


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Tips on Mindmapping To Help You Plan Your Wedding

Now that you know why to use mind mapping and which mindmap maker you should choose, how can it help with your wedding planning process?


1) Everything in One Place

As mentioned above, if you want to make sense of everything in one place so nothing gets missed out, a mapping chart is the way to go. It’s also helpful if you want to make quick decisions on what you need to go for.

2) Remember Ideas

Did someone say an awesome idea on your wedding day but you are too busy on the day to remember it? No problem, just add it to your mapping diagram and take a snapshot of the page so you don’t forget it. If you plan you can even jot ideas down as they come to you and transfer them into your mindmap later.

3) Agree on Decisions

How many times have you been to a meeting where everyone has an opinion on something but people don’t seem to agree? If you make a mindmap before the meeting, not only does it help keep all points of view in one place, but it also helps you decide for everyone.

4) Make Decisions Faster and Better

Decisions can be hard to make and after a long day making decisions related to your wedding, you might find yourself struggling with final decisions on what’s best for your big day. Just like any mind mapping exercise, making decisions using your mindmap helps you filter out the nonessential points of view and creates a sense of clarity when coming to conclusions.

Head over to Venngage to make a process flow diagram to help you in decision-making.

5) Stay On Track

So you’ve planned where all your wedding vendors will be on your big day, but what if they’re running late or something goes wrong with deliveries? Using your mindmap maker lets you make sure everything is in order like when all the people arrive, what they are doing at different times of the day and who to call if there’s a problem. This will help keep your wedding running smoothly even on the busiest of days.



6) Brainstorming/Naming Ideas

Making a mindmap of all your ideas before starting to plan will help you see things in a different light. You can even use the mindmap maker to develop new ideas by rearranging and moving points of view around so it allows you to be more creative with your thinking.


7) Save Paper!

You’re probably sick of seeing trees cut down for pointless things. One of the best ways to save the planet is by not wasting paper and using your mindmap maker will help you do just that. Not only can it be printed out, but it can also be saved on digital devices such as laptops and mobile phones so you don’t have to carry around a huge binder full of notes for planning or sharing ideas with others.



You can use this mindmap creator to and you won’t need to spend time looking at hundreds of other ones. Just use the free version of Venngage which has everything you need for simple yet creative mindmaps or go Premium for access to hundreds of templates.


Wedding styling: ITALIANBARK

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