Nov 13, 2019

SHOP IT | Where to buy collectibles design and art online

Ever wondered where to buy collectible art online? And original collectible design?


The answer is actually not that easy. In fact, while it is now easy to find all sort of things online, when talking about collectible art and design to be purchased online it becomes much more difficult. There are in fact so many websites, not all of them reliable, very different one from each other, yet it can be very time consuming and not so easy to find quality collectible art and design online.

That’s why today we are happy to share an interesting online resource for any kind of collectible art and design called is in fact the leading online auction aggregator for arts, antiques, and collectibles in general. The website was founded in Stockholm in 2011 by Christopher Barnekow and Pontus Silfverstolpe with the idea of collecting all art and antiques in one place and making them accessible for everyone to enjoy, with just one click. During the years, have sold over 90 million items and it’s now based in the US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Hong Kong. The concept is to collect all auctions in one place, collecting online sales by 3,000 auction houses and art galleries around the world. In the website you can find from major art galleries to very small realities, providing buyers and sellers a free online database with around 40 million auction results all in one place.



What makes this platform so successful is for sure it’s easy and fast:  you can create your account, save your favorites, access to the auctions, in just a few clicks. That is quite a revolutionary concept for the arts and collectibles world in general, which has always been made of very different and not so easy to access realities. Further than this, you can also put your own art on sale. Thought , in fact, you can receive an expert valuation in just 48 hours for €20 or less. You just need to upload your photos with any information you have about your item and you will be assigned to an expert, who will value your item. You will then receive your valuation in with an email straight to your inbox.

I had fun in researching inside for some amazing original lamps by Ingo Maurer. The designer known also as the “Poet of Light” left at the end of last October and we are sharing some of its amazing lighting creations in this board.


Buy collectible art and design online /

Ingo Maurer Lights collection



one | Manoman suspension light

two | Limited ed. Bibibibi lamp

three | Look so Flat table lamp

four | Bulb lamp

five | Dragon Attack suspension light

six | One from the Heart lamp





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