Sep 30, 2022

Why is interior design so important?

Why is interior design so important? At least, as much as architecture?


Even if now I work in the interior design industry, my former education is a degree in architecture. I remember that in my university ( Venice ) we did only one exam about interiors. Later on, I worked for some years in an architecture studio – and the common habit was to left interior design always at the end, like something additional and optional.

In the years, instead, I learnt that interior design is as much important as architecture. That for creating good architecture project you have to consider interior design as well, and at the beginning of the architectural design process and at the end too, in the home building process (with the help also of home builders, such as Home Group Melbourne).

I’m listing 8 reasons to proof why interior design is important, as much as architecture – do you have other reasons in mind?



Why is interior design so important



1 /  a good interior design improves a space by making it better suited to its purpose and by giving smart solutions that you wouldn’t think about


The Melburnian Apartment by studio Edition Office – Ph Ben Hosking

2 / with an interior design project you will save money, by avoiding wrong choices when buying furniture, or by avoiding useless works in phase of construction




3 / you can have an home designed for yourself, your own tastes and style (probably, you even did not have an idea of which was your interior style, before working with an interior designer..)


Rina Lovko Studio – Ph Yevhenii Avramenko


4 / interior design is tailored to your exact lifestyle and needs ( a good interior designer won’t make the same choices for a young couple or for a big family, for example )


Laurelhurst by MW works – Ph Jeremy Bittermann

5 / a good interior design contributes to both mental and physical health ( for example, by making good color choices, that can affect our moods )



6 / a good interior design will increase the value of your home

Floating Farmhouse ›, Tom Givone – Ph Mark Mahaney


7 / with an interior project you will save time and all the stress behind choosing among many different options ( do you have an idea of how many flooring finishes are out there? kitchen combinations? paint colors? furniture? yes…. )


8 / how many hours will you spend inside your house and how many outside? This is a reason itself for hiring an interior designer.




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