Jan 11, 2019

DESIGN STAY | A winter Resort in the less known Greece

When it comes to choosing a travel destination, several things come into play. But no matter what the criteria and preferences are, the true value of any travel lies in the actual experience. Therefore, today I’d like to take you on another virtual trip to show you a glimpse of the lesser known Greece – her mountainous side that still remains quite raw and unspoiled. Thus, I chose Elatos Resort and Health Club for two main reasons.

The first reason is a bit obvious. Elatos Resort lies amidst a fir forest on Mount Parnassos, in a fantastic scenic setting all year long that tops up especially now during winter. It is also just 12 km from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi (in case any of you are interested in a little cultural sightseeing).

The second less obvious reason is that I think it is a great example of uncomplicated design simplicity with a defining traditional echo found throughout the decor, without compromising any modern facilities.


winter resort design


Elatos Resort and Health Club winter resort : the interior design

Elatos Resort and Health Club is comprised of a central building (clubhouse) that houses the lobby area, bar, bar restaurant, gym, an indoor swimming pool, and 39 autonomous chalets. Each of these chalets can accommodate from two to six people in two to three bedrooms. Now, one of the most impressive elements other than mother- nature itself, are the two dominant materials: round timber logs and stone.

The interplay between these two traditional materials creates an aesthetic with a powerful traditional feel to it. As a matter of fact, there is a very strong sense while being there, that you are in a private retreat surrounded by the great outdoors that call for exploration yet, it all feels welcoming, homey and familiar. Nothing feels out of place. Moreover, the indoor swimming pool acts as a bonus to promote a sense of wellness even to those who are not eager to go skiing.


winter resort design


Needless to say, that recreating hygge moments in this awe-inspiring setting is more than just easy. The serenity of the mountains is beyond belief and the open terrace of the clubhouse offers panoramic views of the forest, making it a real escapade treat to anyone who seeks one.

Recently, refurbishment has been carried it out on a couple of chalets with the remaining scheduled to follow in due time. No real surprises to account for. The traditional rustic aesthetic charm has been preserved, but the main feature that really stands out in this renovation is the introduction of more color in the name of contrast.

For instance, at one of the chalets, the outdoor timber cladding has been given a deep brick red hue. On the inside though, more white has been introduced that creates a contrast against the overall traditional timber outlook, giving a fresh and more modern uptake on the design scheme.


Ph CARV Photography – Costas Arvilias

winter resort design

Ph CARV Photography – Costas Arvilias

Elatos Resort and Health Club winter resort : the interior styling

The styling has been kept minimal with plenty of breathing the air around the furnishings as always. To me, that is essential in order to allow the eye to wander around and appreciate this unique design aesthetic without getting overwhelmed. The fireplaces found in every chalet remain a timeless element that defines the chalet architectural archetype.

After all, chalet aesthetic is all about sensibility despite the climatic challenges. It must foster a passion for winter sports and the great outdoors and hence, this resort does it real well without losing its true identity. This is why I think that it makes an ideal travel destination in both terms of location and design.


winter resort design

Images courtesy of Elatos Resort & Health Club unless otherwise stated

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