Jan 31, 2023

4 new Decorating Trends from MAISON & OBJET 2023

Maison & Objet is the international trade fair for the home decor – and one of the very first design events of the year.

So, the perfect place where to spot for new decorating trends and to get an idea of how 2023 will look like. And why not – to already start betting about the trends which will last in 2024 too. I did the same experiment last year, by writing about the trends for 2023 from Maison Objet 2022 here – and it worked 😉

Take care” was the key theme of this edition. It’s an interesting theme, that can included the concept of taking care of ourselves, of the planet, of others too. We also choose a very similar identification of the themes in our trend forecasting of last year, always with these concepts.

In Paris I attended the press trip and I also had the chance to meet several designers and to experience both the Maison&Objet fair and the events of the Paris Design Week.

I’m sharing 4 new trends I noticed in this post – plus an highlight I also would like to share with you. You can find more highlights, also related to color trends, in my Instagram @italianbark and a more in-depth trend report soon on Trendbark ( available only as a subscription here).

4 Decorating Trends 2024

from MAISON & OBJET 2023


Trend 1

 / Statement Chairs \

4 Decor Trends for 2024


If I have to choose an element to focus on now, it would be for sure statement chairs. Also known as accent chairs – are the perfect element to incorporate in your home decor if you want to refresh it a little bit, without changing so much. Functional and stylish, the latest accent chairs are also comfortable, usually round-shaped, in textiles to be soft to the touch but also easy to clean.  The space by Raphael Navot – the MO designer of this year – was completely furnished with round statement chairs and soft stools he designed for French brand Roche Bobois, for example.


GalerieInTheCity _©AETHION
TalentsSoFrench – GrégoryLacoua_©AETHION


Trend 2

 / Bold patterns \

4 Decorating Trends for 2024


2023 – and I’m pretty sure 2024 too – will be a year of bold and colourful decoration, especially among the youngest generations. Passed are the years of monochrome and minimalism – the taste is definitely going towards more maximalist and colourful solutions, probably as a reaction of the last years’ trends which were opposite. Also, people are looking to add more playful and creative elements in their home, as a reaction to the recession times we are living in. This does not mean leaving out traditional design – instead, it means reinterpreting old things in a new way. I think the perfect sample is the Supernova sofa restyled by Bethan Laura Wood: an iconic sofa form the 70s reinvented with a new pattern in psychedelic colours.


FloorStory & EleyKishimoto_©AETHION.jpg


Trend 3

 / Circular design made easier \


Circular design is not a new topic but I think it’s still a bit difficult to understand for the most. It’s the time to make this concept understandable for anybody and finally to start thinking about solutions that can be circular. This does not mean just reusing waste, but for example choosing long-lasting items which are made with local materials. “Circularity in Action” was the exhibit presented by Denmark at Maison et Objet, showcasing the work of several furniture, lighting and decor Danish brand already embracing real circular solutions.


all images Circularity In Action_©AETHION


Trend 4

 / metallic \

4 Decorating Trends for 2024


At this Maison et Objet I’ve spotted many interesting decorating items in metals. Especially, aluminum is the most sustainable construction material – as it can be recycled without loosing any of its qualities. Many interesting colourful solutions and new finishes in metallics. For example, British designer Tom Hancock works by turning a wooden former by hand, then together with a specialist metal firm they form beautiful aluminium vases. They are uniquely decorated with the grain texture of the wood, and also super light.


Talents So French-VictoriaWilmotte_©AETHION
What’s New_Grounded_©AETHION



 / Ukrainian Design \


I would like to add an highlight to this post, which is not a decorating trend – but a focus I really feel to feature here. “Ukraine the art of resilience” featured furniture and decor from Ukraine, of six designers and seven craftspeople, curated by Société Maino, Sana Moreau and Anastasia Biletska. The exhibit showcased beautiful works blending contemporary designs with traditional local materials – like wood, textiles and ceramics .

You can find name and more details in the photos below.


FAINA SONIAH collection by Victoria Yakusha
GUCULIYA ceramics by Hochu Rayu
From the left: Flock lounge chair by Kateryna Sokolova – Rozmova ceramic set by Zemna design – GUCULIYA ceramics by Hochu Rayu
Play armchair by Dmitry Kozinenko & WOO – Sofa by Denis Sokolov, SVOYA studio & RAFT sofa by DONNA and Denis Sokolov of Svoya Studio
From the left: Mapico armchair by Mariia Puliaieva – Cabinet+textile art by Natalia Bulanova at Staritska Maysternya – GONTA ceramic vase collection by Natura Ceramica

All images _©AETHIO courtesy of Maison et Objet


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