Sep 28, 2020

ITALIAN STYLE TRENDS 2021 | The New Downloadable Guide is Online

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in interiors and decor with IB+SOMA  free Trend Guides.

Autumn is here, and to me this really sounds like a season of changes since I just moved into a new home ♥
But this is not the only news: also, our new Free Trend Guide is ready to download!




About our new free Guide: Italian Style Trends 2021


IB free downloadable guides started in 2017 with the aim of giving a very easy, fast and inspiring resource for all, both for those who work in the interiors and design and for those who are just looking for new ideas for their homes. In the past years, our guides featured a series of new styles, trendy colors, new ideas for decoration and design as a recap of what we observed during our travels and by browsing the websites and social media.
We all know that this year is different from the other ones, so we decided to create something different for this 2020 that I am spending in my own country.

In fact, our new free guide is entirely dedicated to Italian Style Trends: the idea is to bring a bit of Italian design closer to you in an year of social distance, lock-downs, trips and events cancellations, covering the most influential Italian Styles to watch out for in 2021. Jump below to find all the details and how to download it.

The guide is part of a wider series of digital contents about the latest trends in interiors and design I share in our Trend Membership, created in collaboration with  SOMA_studiomilano.



What you will find inside the new free Guide: Italian Style Trends 2021

Our new guide is a hands-on resource to inspire your work and to bring a bit of Italian design closer to you in a year of social distance, lock-downs, trips and events cancellations. In the guide, we cover some of the most influential Italian Styles to watch out for in 2020-21.

You will find a brief overview of each style, practical tips on how to incorporate them into interior spaces and plenty of inspiring images to help you put information and concepts into action.





How to download the new free Guide: Italian Style Trends 2021


To download the Guide you just need to:

  1. Go to our Trend Membership page here
  2. Scroll down the page until you see Resources
  3. Click on ” 5/ ITALIAN STYLE TRENDS GUIDE – 2021″ (see printscreen below)

To receive it and stay up-to-date with the next releases, don’t forget to subscribe to italianbark’s newsletter here.


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