Sep 12, 2023

TRENDBARK | issue 08/23

I’m very happy to tell you that the new issue of TRENDBARK is now online and available for all subscribers.

In TRENDBARK issue 08/23 we are delving into a fundamental concept, DEI.

We are also exploring many innovations and opportunities that are rising around this – luckily we are living in a time when finally we are becoming more conscious about these concepts and as designers, architects, creatives, we have the responsibility of making these words become real thanks to a good design which is really inclusive.

Inclusivity has to do with everything – also with the colors we choose for a project, for example.  


Chromarama by studio Kukka


Hoping for a better future, in this issue we are also exploring a set of innovations in the material design all centered around the concept of circular economy. They are all projects I spotted at the Interzum fair in Cologne last May and that I think are very forward-thinking and shows how there are alternatives to the way we have always done things, which are good for the planet too. As I’m telling in the action points of the new book – every step towards a more circular future, even if it looks small to you compared to the big environmental issues there are, is already a big one. 



Last but not least – in the style and decoration trends we are instead seeing a new take on Japandi style, to make it more on trend and original. Japandi is a huge trend now but don’t forget I shared about it already in 2017….so…. 


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