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African style ideas for your bedroom
10 inspiring African style ideas for your bedroom

Your bedroom is most probably is the very first space you have ever decorated.  It has been the only environment where you had a certain amount of authority and that, as soon as you could,  you started filling with items and posters to express your personality and passions, to make…

HOME RENOVATION TIPS #3 | A house ready for winter

|| A guest post by Laura Multari How to improve the thermal insulation in your home with an easy renovation and get ready for winter? With the arrival of the first cool days of autumn, in fact,  it is important to think about the interventions that allow you to have…

8 DESIGN TRENDS from the Dutch Design Week

I am back from my visit to the Dutch Design Week, which in my opinion is one of the most interesting European design events. Far from being a very commercial and marketing-oriented event, it is in fact the perfect place where to look for new ideas, concept, designers, but also…

HOME RENOVATION TIPS #1 | Choosing the right expert

|| A guest post by Laura Multari   Renovating your home is a job often postponed because, sometimes, it is not strictly necessary. However, a home renovation not only allows you to shape your home and adapt it to your needs but also to increase its value on the house…

COLOR TRENDS | The 5 Greens to try in 2020

You will have for sure noticed  how coloured walls, like green wall paint, are becoming on trend again. Among all colours, in fact, shades of green stand out everywhere on the internet, together with all the colours inspired by nature, as a consequence of the biophylic design trend. Relaxing and calming colours together with soft and…

INTERIOR TRENDS | Decorating with zellige tiles

If you are doing a restyling of your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider decorating it with zellige tiles. Also known as Moroccan tiles, or also zelige or zellij in Arabic, they are artisanal tiles from the Moorish tradition, especially known for their patterns and shiny finish. While patterned tiles are…