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HOME TOUR | 3 Japandi style interiors to be inspired by

We already talked about the Japandi style trend here some year ago. Since this is still one of the most relevant interior styles at present, I collected for you today some inspiring projects to be inspired by. They all have in common a beautiful aesthetic which mixes the Scandinavian minimalism…

top instagram decorating trends 2021
Top Instagram Decorating Trends for 2021

If you are spending hours by scrolling Instagram for the latest inspiration in interior, this post is for you! Household Quotes in fact did an extensive research to find out which are the most popular decorating trends now on Instagram, focusing on micro trends. That is, into those all specific details that…

China ranked on top at the World Design Rankings 2020

Which is the fastest growing Country for design and architecture? To reply to this question, it may be very interesting to check the World Design Ranking. In fact, the World Design Ranking is a chart by Countries of the most popular designs of the world. The chart is created every year…

6 gorgeous African inspired decor ideas for the kids’room

Looking for some stylish Kids Bedroom Ideas? Be inspired by the African Interior style   African inspired interior decor style is innately relaxed, warm and cosy, as you should know by now, as well as extremely conducive for creativity given the wide options of materials, patterns and colours to mix…

minimalist kitchen design, how to design a minimalist kitchen, modern minimalist kitchen idea, kitchen island modern
Making a modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Work for You

How to design a modern Minimalist Kitchen? Browse our Minimalist kitchen design ideas and tips for a perfect interior   Kitchens – regardless of their style – bring people together. Undeniably, they are the heart of a home. But designing a kitchen that literally makes you happy takes more than…

5 Stunning ideas for a black and white Bathroom design

Are you insecure about the design of your bathroom? I totally get it. There are so many options out there when talking about bathroom design, especially nowadays that the bathroom has become increasingly important in interior design. More than service rooms, bathrooms are now private spaces where to rest, to…